Why you need TroCare for your laser machine.

TroCare offers full protection, calculability, and productivity. No business can afford to miss an order, lose productivity, or pay out on unexpected expenses. Your investment in a laser system warrants a well-thought-out maintenance program to ensure that you get the most out of it. Whether you decide to implement a yearly laser health-check or enrol in a comprehensive TroCare protection plan to cover all bases, you can rest assured that your laser is in the best possible care.

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Your machine is always perfectly maintained. For maximum productivity.

TroCare protection plans include a yearly maintenance service of your Trotec laser. Done by our local experts at your premises. This assists an ongoing hassle-free use of your Trotec laser system, and ensures you benefit from optimal laser operation and maximum productivity.

Plan your costs safely and reliably.

Maintenance, telephone, and personal customer service in the event of a breakdown - no additional costs for TroCare customers. If your laser starts to lose productivity, we’ll do everything necessary to get it back to our industry leading performance levels. Even if that means replacing the laser source. All within the price of the TroCare protection plan.

Get free technical support. Instantly.

As a TroCare customer, our Trotec experts support you promptly and free of charge. Our highly skilled technical service team, applications specialists and customer service advisors are available to provide tailored advice, training, and support as and when you need it.

Overview TroCare protection plan.

Technical customer support TroCare Maintenance TroCare Protect TroCare Protect Plus***
Preventive maintenance (incl. labour & travel) incl. 1 PY incl. 1 PY incl. 1 PY
Breakdown labour included no yes yes
Breakdown travel included no yes yes
Breakdown parts (incl laser tube, excl. consumable parts) no yes* yes*
Telephone hotline yes yes yes
Remote online diagnostics yes yes yes
Hotline hours Mon-Fri
09:00 - 17:00
09:00 - 17:00
09:00 - 17:00
Response time N/A 4 hours 2 hours
Response time on site N/A 72 hours 48 hours
Reserved air cooled laser source in stock locally no no yes
Maximum Age of the machine N/A 10 years 10 years
Maximum age of machine entering contract 10 years 7 years** 7 years

* See General Terms & Conditions for parts included TroCare protection packages can be purchased directly with the purchase of a new device or later following a detailed status check.

** 5 years in the case of Trotec laser machines R or Q series.

*** TroCare Protect Plus is not available for Trotec laser machines R or Q series.

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Keep your laser machine in optimum condition for long-lasting productivity.

Our local Trotec technicians maintain your laser machine minimum once a year on-site. This includes:

  • Laser source health and alignment check
  • Optics and belt tension check & clean
  • Preventative maintenance and full machine clean

Of course, tips and tricks from our experts are also included. For long-lasting trouble-free operation and maximum productivity from your laser system.

Troubleshooting and spare parts included.

Within the TroCare Protect packages, the cost of labour and travel to and from the site are included as well as replacement spare parts (exclusions apply). This means that you do not have to worry about unexpected costs and can more easily budget for the cost of maintenance.

Rapid response and problem solving.

In the unfortunate event of machine error or breakdown, our team of experienced technicians are on hand to support you via email and telephone. Many problems can be resolved remotely using screen-sharing software which we install alongside every laser system. If an on-site visit is required to resolve trickier problems, our team is ready to get you back up and running in the shortest possible time. On average, we fix 96% of service cases within the first call or service visit. TroCare Protect customers benefit from priority response times and have onsite call outs included within the cost of the plan.

A mass of Trotec Know-How.

We develop, manufacture and maintain Trotec laser systems, so we know the machines inside-out. Our organisation with 17 subsidiaries means that we can provide a local service to respond to your support requests in the shortest possible time and in your local language. With a large warehouse full of common spare parts and laser consumables, we aim never to miss a beat when it comes to helping our customers.

"My Trotec experience has been excellent. The whole process was stress-free and Trotec staff are always available to help via email and telephone support. I cannot fault my experience and I am fully satisfied with Trotec as my laser machine supplier of choice."

Javik Laser

United Kingdom

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"During the machine set up, the engineers made sure that the staff were comfortable with the basics of laser processing and laser machine maintenance, as well as providing additional training on the machines such as tips and tricks to streamline processes and achieve optimal results."

Dust and Things

United Kingdom

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"The service we received from Trotec has been excellent. From installation to aftersales we can rely on Trotec as our supplier of choice."

University of Manchester

United Kingdom

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"As always, a fantastic job by the Trotec service department. There’s never any hold, or phone menu system, just straight to a real-life person! The technician connected to the computer and laser and had the issue fixed in about 2 minutes. Always great service, and 100% happy."

Acrylic Craft

United Kingdom

"The service we have received from Trotec has been excellent, with our area manager being especially supportive."

Odyssey Studios


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