Architectural model making

Laser cutting and engraving of wood, cardboard and plastic parts. With a laser you can create detailed 3D models, house models, presentation, competition and functional models.

Architectural model making
Laser cut 3D house model.

How can a laser cutter be used in architectural model making?

In both architectural model making and toy models, you can easily laser cut and engrave the smallest components. Fast and precise laser cutting of materials including textiles, plastic, wood, veneer, MDF, PMMA, cardboard, paper, foam, polystyrene, film, acrylic, plastic and much more is possible.

Designs are drawn as normal in a CAD or graphics program. The laser cutting machine works with maximum precision and cuts your components for detailed building models, model railways, true-to-scale reproductions of various constructions or architectural models. You can use the parts immediately without post processing – and without burrs, dust or swarf. Laser cuts are precise and clean.

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What advantages do laser machines offer in architectural model making? A comparison of technologies.

What you can do with a laser in model making.

How to calculate the cost of laser use in architectural modelling?

Take a look at our examples and learn more about the costs of a laser cutter to realize true-to-scale 3D models. The calculation takes into account investment and operating costs.

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Which laser cutters are suitable for architectural model making?

The Speedy series offers precise cutting and the ideal solution for creating 3D models. Cutting acrylic, wood, paper or textiles is effortless.

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Ideal machine for laser cutting architectural models

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FAQs about using a laser for architectural model making.

How can you laser cut architectural models?

What’s the best laser cutter for architectural models?

Can laser machines cut scale models with the finest details?

What materials do architects use to make models?

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