< 1300 x 900 mm

Work area


Laser type

100 – 120 watts

Laser power

Why you need an affordable R series laser cutter.

The R series is ideal for all beginners in laser business, be it engravers, designers or schools – with the R series you can cut and engrave acrylic with material thicknesses of up to 15 mm, wood with material thicknesses of up to 15 mm, textiles or paper. Create signage, gift items, toys, decorative items, models, prototypes or fashion items.
Simply laser cutting: Powerful, fast, clean and safe.

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Because R series laser cutters are affordable and reliable.

The R series was engineered by Trotec to meet all your laser cutting and engraving needs at an affordable price. This is made possible by the DC glass tube technology. The robust mechanics and reliable electronics have already proven themselves in thousands of Trotec laser machines. All of our machines meet strict production requirements and European manufacturing standards.

Because the R series laser cutters boast maximum interior visibility and an ergonomic design.

Working with the R series is a real pleasure thanks to maximum visibility into the interior of the laser. Thanks to the large viewing window, your work progress is always visible, even from a great distance. The ergonomic and open design of the laser cutter simplifies the positioning of your workpiece and guarantees efficient handling.

Because R series laser cutters meet the highest safety standards.

Protect yourself and your laser users with laser class 2, a double locking system and laser protection shutter system. Stay safe in every critical situation with the built-in emergency stop and key switch.

CE-certified according to: Safety of machines EN 60204-1, safety of laser products IEC 60825-1/-4/-14, IT equipment EN 55022, 55024, low-voltage switchgear and -controlgear assemblies IEC 60439-1.

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Good cutting at low cost.

Cut simple applications like cardboard packaging, plywood or thin acrylic for model making, simple signage or prototypes. Sophisticated DC glass laser technology ensures a good cut with simultaneously low costs.

<£10 1
operating costs per hour  good investment 

Power up to 100 watts.

Process acrylic and wood with material thicknesses of up to 15 mm. Suitable for all standard commercial sizes of up to 1300 x 900 mm. Cut and engrave signage, gift items, toys, models, prototypes or fashion items.

100 watts 15 mm
max. power  max. cutting thickness 

Laser class 2 + CE-certified.

Comply with all health and safety regulations. With laser class 2, a double safety circuit, key switch, emergency stop and laser protection shutter system, you’re optimally protected. Everything is CE-certified according to the latest standards.

2 608025
laser class EN laser safety standard

Minimal cleaning.

Make better use of your time than spending it on maintenance. Sensitive components (lenses, linear guides) are protected from dust and dirt by our RayPack TechnologyTM and our integrated air assist.

50% 3 bar
less maintenance air assist pressure

Long service life.

Benefit from Austrian engineering and quality standards. The R series was developed by Trotec and is manufactured under strictly controlled production processes and European manufacturing standards.

10 9001
years of protection ISO standard

More features of the affordable laser cutters.

All standard graphic programs are supported.

With the Rayjet Manager and the Rayjet Commander software you can send files directly to the laser from all image processing and CAD programs.

Minimal cleaning.

Sensitive components (lenses, linear guides) are protected from dust and dirt by our InPack TechnologyTM with integrated air flushing.

Maximum view of the interior.

Your work progress is always visible - even from a great distance.

Ergonomic design.

Simplifies the positioning of your workpiece and guarantees efficient handling.

Rotary engraving.

Engrave glasses, bottles, cups and much more thanks to the rotary engraving attachment.

Ready to go within minutes.

The integrated material database ensures efficient use from day one.

Integrated material parameters.

Optimal interaction of service, laser machine and material – 1 contact person for everything.

The right processing table.

High-quality products and fewer defective products with the right table for every application.

Makes the laser beam “visible”.

It indicates by a red dot where exactly the beam of the laser machine will hit the material.

The right lens for perfect results.

Optimal results during laser engraving or laser cutting are achieved by using different lenses.

Air assist ensures optimal results.

During laser engraving and laser cutting, the supply of compressed air can significantly influence and improve the results.

All features.

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A comparison of the working areas of our affordable laser cutters.

Technical data of the R series.

  R400 R500
Working area (W x D) 1030 x 630 mm 1300 x 900 mm
Loading area (W x D) 1400 x 1150 mm 1400 x 1150 mm
Overall dimensions (W x D x H) 1550 x 1080 x 1080 mm 1870 x 1700 x 1110 mm
Max. processing speed 1 m/s 1 m/s
Laser power Sealed-off CO2 DC 100 W Sealed-off CO2 DC 120 W
Laser safety RayPack Technology, CDRH laser safety, laser class 2, CE compliant, double interlock safety system, kill and key switch CDRH laser safety, laser class 2, CE compliant, double interlock safety system, kill and key switch
Weight Approx. 300 kg Approx. 570 kg
Power consumption 100 - 250V, 1200 W 100 - 250V, 1100 - 1500 W
Power consumption chiller 900 W 900 W
Cooling system Water-cooled Water-cooled

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Material compatibility with R series.

  Engrave Cut
Glass -
Plastic sheets
Stone -

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