Innovations in laser technology.

Setting new standards – our mission. We make the work of laser users simpler, faster and more profitable. We’re setting new standards.

Setting New Standards

As a technology leader, we set new standards in the laser sector.  With an installed base of over 30,000 systems, Trotec looks after customers in more than 90 countries. The goal: We make our customers profitable through innovation.

But what is behind it? Here you can see an overview of our developments.

I am incredibly proud that with Ruby® we have succeeded in combining all processing steps for laser users in one software. This allows us to offer customers higher productivity and they save time and money.

Severin Forstinger

Software Developer Ruby®, Trotec Laser GmbH

Ruby®. Laser software redefined.

Ruby® ensures that your daily work with the laser machine runs smoothly. A simple and quick workflow from the idea to the product. A set-up that is networked, web-based and digital through and through.

We have pushed the performance of laser machines into areas our competitors thought were not possible. That' s something we are proud of.

Peter Kratky

Spokesman for the management of Trotec Laser GmbH

The fastest laser engravers on the market: Speedy.

With a processing speed of up to 4.3 m/s and 5g of acceleration, the Speedy laser machines are the fastest laser engravers on the market. The productive laser machines have been developed to increase efficiency in your production.

Flexx is the solution to the Gordian knot – different wavelengths seamlessly combined in one system. Together we managed to solve this challenge.

Hagen Strasser

Head of Research & Development, Trotec Laser GmbH

Flexx technology: 2 laser sources in one laser system.

CO2 and fiber lasers integrated into one laser machine. Every conceivable CO2 laser application, as well as an annealing marking or a metal engraving, can be realised in no time. Time savings and flexibility in everyday work are guaranteed. Today, laser systems with dual laser sources are available in all platform sizes of the Speedy laser engraver series.

We’re fascinated by how this patented resonator concept has developed the sealed-off design to perfection.

Harald Holzner

Product Manager Engraving, Trotec Laser GmbH

Patented CeramiCore® laser source technology.

The patented CeramiCore® laser source technology impresses with maximum reliability, engraving quality and longevity. The laser resonator is entirely ceramic. This creates better beam quality, faster pulsation and no need for refilling.

Solutions that protect sensitive components from smoke and simultaneously allow high machine performance – a perfectly coordinated and motivated team makes this possible.

Matthias Hörl

Senior Development Engineer, Trotec Laser GmbH

InPack Technology™: Dust protection for cleanliness, quality and longevity.

All dust-sensitive components such as optics, mechanics and electronics are protected against dust. This guarantees years of low-maintenance operation.

The task: small, easy, contactless, highly precise on all materials, insensitive to environmental influences - The solution: Sonar Technology™, optimised by an interdisciplinary team.

Gerhard Lewicki

Mechatronic Engineer, Trotec Laser GmbH

Sonar Technology™: Automatic ultrasonic focusing.

When the two Z position buttons on the laser machine are pressed, the sonar sensor detects the surface of the workpiece. The focus point is thus automatically detected, and the working table moves to the correct focus position.

The exciting thing was the union of the different technical disciplines. The OptiMotion algorithm only followed from our perfect team performance.

Matthias Jörgl

Head of Mechatronic Development, Trotec Laser GmbH

Eight times faster cutting with OptiMotion™.

With OptiMotionTM cutting speed and acceleration are automatically calculated and optimised in real time based on the geometry. OptiMotionTM delivers high curve quality and maximum throughput.

Technology and Laser: Current developments

Laser software redefined with Ruby®.

Laser software redefined with Ruby®.

Ruby® laser software offers unprecedented added value for engravers, print shops, manufacturers and schools: The user is seamlessly accompanied from the idea to the finished product. The platform thus guarantees profitable online order processing. In addition to local use, Ruby® provides users with a networked, web-based and fully digital set-up for the first time.

Digital label converting is becoming a reality.


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Innovations at a glance.

First laser software based on web technologies.

A seamless workflow from idea to finished product, platform independence, user management. In 2021, our laser software Ruby­® was introduced to make all this possible.

First engraving with 2540 dpi.

In 2021, engravings with a grid density of 2540 dpi (dots per inch) will be possible for the first time with the JobControl® laser software. This allows detailed engravings to be implemented.

First laser engraver with 4.3 m/s and 5g engraving speed.

In 2018, the Speedy 400 made engravings at a speed of 4.3 m/s and 5g acceleration for the first time. The Speedy 400 is the fastest laser engraver on the market.

First medium-format laser plotter with real-time path planning.

With the Speedy 400, OptiMotion™+ was introduced in 2018. The planning of cutting contours takes place in real time and enables up to 8 times faster cutting than comparable laser systems.

First large-format laser cutter with 4-sided accessibility.

With the SP3000, the first large-format laser cutter with 4-sided accessibility of laser class 2 was introduced in 2015. This allows loading and unloading while the machine is cutting.

First laser plotter with ultrasonic autofocus.

With Sonar Technology™, Trotec has developed a simple and fully-automatic focusing method. This has been patented since 2015.

First wide-format laser workstation.

In 2014, Trotec launched the SpeedMarker1300, the first wide-format laser workstation. For the first time, large components were able to be marked in laser class 2.

First laser plotter with ceramic-based laser sources.

The patented laser source technology CeramiCore® from Iradion Laser itself with superior reliability, engraving quality and longevity. These have been installed in all Trotec laser plotters since 2012.

First galvo marking laser with printer driver function.

With DirectMark, a galvo marking laser was operated using a printer driver for the first time in 2011. This made laser marking as easy as printing.

First medium-format laser plotter with camera support.

In 2010, i-cut® Vision on the Speedy 300 made print&cut applications possible for medium-format laser plotters.

First laser engraver with pay per use option.

For the first time, users were able to finance the machine through a pay-per-use option with the Rayjet laser engraver in 2008. This enabled beginners and small businesses to have low-risk access to laser technology.

First flatbed laser system integrated with a fiber laser source.

With the FC100 and FP100, a fiber laser source for metal and plastic marking was installed in a flatbed laser for the first time in 2007.

First laser cutter with a multi-functional table concept.

With the Speedy 500, the multi-functional table concept was introduced and patented in 2007. This is standard today in all Trotec flatbed laser machines.

First software with visual programming.

Starting in 2006, the SpeedMark software enabled sequence programming using visual program modules. This makes it possible to implement complex program sequences with just a few parameters using drag & drop.

First flatbed laser system with dual laser sources.

With the Finemarker Hybrid in 2005, Trotec revolutionised flatbed lasers. For the first time, 2 different laser sources – CO2 and vanadate – were used in one machine. The precursor to today’s Flexx technology.

First laser machine for colouring multi-coloured stamps.

The multi-colour option allowed the automatic colouring of multi-coloured stamp cartridges for the first time in 2004.

First flatbed laser with a vanadate laser source.

The FineMarker was introduced in 2004. With this laser machine, metals can be marked directly on a flatbed laser without tools

First high-volume laser engraving for stamp production.

In 2003, the Laserati made industrial stamp production feasible. A4 stamp plates can be engraved in 30 minutes.

First laser engraver with 3.5 m/s and 5g engraving speed.

The “Speedy” sets more new standards with the Speedy 2. With a processing speed of 3.55 m/s and 5g acceleration, the Speedy 2 was the fastest laser engraver on the market in 2003.

First large-format laser engraver.

In 2001 the Trotec Professional 1313 enabled engraving on workpieces measuring 1.3 x 1.3 meters

First compact laser engraver.

In 2000 the Speedy Compact was the first compact laser on the global market. The idea of offering affordable entry-level models for laser beginners lives on today in the Rayjet.

First laser plotter with its own laser software.

As early as 1999, with the first Speedy, Trotec supplied laser software that was as easy to use as a printer. Today the laser software is known as Ruby®.

First laser engraver with 2m/s engraving speed & InPack Technology™.

In 1999 the Speedy 1 with the patented “pixel correction” became the fastest laser plotter on the market. The unique InPack Technology™ is also introduced with the laser machine.

First laser engraver optimised for stamp makers.

The Power Laser (Pro) was specially developed for the needs of our stamp customers and was introduced in 1998. Thanks to an on-board exhaust system directly on the work head, dust and gases are extracted from where they occur.

Trotec Patents

As a technology leader, Trotec sets new standards with international patents.

Method of controlling a laser head
Method to cut stents
Parts recognition and job dispatching
AT3388246 - AT3388248, WO2015/103654
Method, device and laser plotter for processing work-pieces
Improved bi directional engraving / marking
AT519177, US2020/0038996, EP3523082

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