Trotec and the environment

We are committed to environmental protection.

As part of the Trodat Group, Trotec also set a good example in the field of climate protection. As early as 1993 the Trodat group had already begun implementing measures to ensure better energy use, at a time when the strict Austrian environmental laws had not reached their current standard.

Attention to detail is paid to the handling of raw materials and to the efficient use of energy throughout the value added process. Our laser machines and the latest filter technology allow us to offer customer production systems which do not require the use of chemicals in the laser engraving, laser cutting or laser marking process.

In 2008, we were awarded EN ISO14001:2015 certification


Clean raw materials

No use of substances including zinc, cadmium, lead and PVC Each supplier is subject to on-going screenings in accordance with environmental and quality certification


Economic use of energy

All energy and materials are handled in an economic way 62% of the electricity generated is renewable energy Waste reduction Packaging is recycled


Responsible production

Efficient and gentle production processes have been implemented The generation of production waste is avoided Zero waste water in the production process


Less CO2 emissions

By switching from oil to natural gas we have reduced our carbon emissions We have reduced how many goods are transported by air


Green Building

Our Austrian headquarters building is self-sustaining for the energy needed for heating, cooling and ventilation.
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