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Leading international developer and manufacturer of laser machines.

The home for all laser users.

Our vision is to be a “home” for all laser users. A place where you get technology, opportunities, guidance and – above all – answers. Along the way, we’re making work simpler, faster and more profitable for laser users. We’re setting new standards. Day after day. To be successful today and tomorrow.

Made in Austria.

We’re a leading international developer and manufacturer of laser machines headquartered in Marchtrenk, Austria. The birth of laser technology in our group of companies happened back in 1991, with the then revolutionary idea of using CO2 laser machines to produce text plates, precisely and under the highest quality standards, which laid the foundation for Trotec’s development history and the digitisation of the stamp industry. Today, we have 17 sales offices with a total of +750 employees. The export quota is 97%. Our machines are used in more than 90 countries around the world.

Wherever you are, we’re close by

Constantly setting new standards for your success.

Our mission is to make the work of laser users easier, faster and more profitable. In order to achieve this goal, we’ve consistently been setting new standards in technology, consulting and service since Trotec was founded, with a clear focus on our customers’ needs.

Where Trotec is setting new standards

How we’re successful together.

In order to survive in business, engravers and sign shops need to stay competitive online, manufacturers need to simplify their manufacturing processes and educational institutions need to keep adding the latest technologies to their curriculum. In a world in which the digital transformation is changing everything, manufacturing is becoming more and more complex and laser technology enables almost everything, laser users need a “home”. We are a reliable partner and see the success of laser users as our responsibility.

Added value for our customers

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Trotec company history

Our employees are the heart of our company. Their passion for laser technology and their tireless commitment are the driving force behind Trotec's success.

Peter Kratky
CEO Trotec Laser GmbH

Our employees in focus.

The competence and commitment of our employees are crucial to our success. That’s why we create conditions that enable them to perform well in a safe environment. In the interviews, some of our employees from various departments introduce themselves and give some insight into their work life with Trotec.

The team behind the success.

As a company, it’s important to us that each team member is deployed according to their personal strengths and that they are further promoted. Our team recognises the social importance of our actions and mutual inspiration helps us achieve our long-term goals. We make these successes known and celebrate them together.

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Austrian Engineering

We develop all core components of our laser engravers, cutters and marking machines 100% ourselves; this includes drive systems, machine components, controls, electronics, electrics and software. The laser source – the so-called heart of the laser – is entirely produced by our sister company “Iradion Laser”. Our production sites and manufacturing lines in Austria, Germany, USA and China are organised according to the lean manufacturing model known from the automotive industry. For standard industrial components such as motors, power supply units or touch displays, we rely on renowned manufacturers such as Siemens, Beckhoff or TDK-Lambda. Like us, these companies are commited to the highest quality standards.

From laser user to laser expert.

The Trotec Academy offers laser training courses and seminars on laser basics such as material processing, laser cutting and laser engraving. Laser users and materials customers receive valuable tips and advice from our experienced application specialists. You also have the option of bringing along your material and getting personal tips from our Trotec Academy trainers.

Trotec Academy

Our laser know-how for your economic advantage.

Laser power, speed, frequency, wavelength, pulse width, air assist and focus length are common terms in laser processing. But what do they mean and how do you determine the correct laser parameters for the material? We employ a worldwide network of application engineers who are experts in handling Trotec laser machines. Their tasks include carrying out the feasibility studies on customer materials (application tests) and supporting the sales teams in demonstrations. In addition, the application engineers constantly develop new applications and material samples for which Trotec laser machines can be used.

Secure your head start

From a single source.

Our product portfolio includes laser and engraving materials as well as laser machines. This gives our customers the advantage of being able to obtain everything from a single source, and being able to rely on our many years of know-how in material processing. All the materials we offer are tested and selected by our experts. Our range includes laserable laminates, acrylic, wood, paper and leather, but also metals that can be marked such as anodised aluminium.

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Austrian Engineering: Certified quality for your success.

Our laser machines are known for their rugged design and long service life. Our customers can rely on that. We achieve the reliability of our laser machines through the latest production technologies, the most qualified suppliers, the strictest production standards and consistent quality tests, which every single machine must successfully pass before delivery to the customer. Trotec’s production is certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. The audit for continuous improvement as well as for maintenance of the certificates is performed annually by TÜV Austria.

Quality guidelines at Trotec Laser

Tailored service packages.

How does a service package help you to be productive again if the worst comes to the worst? Calculable operating costs, productivity security, competent support from experienced service technicians, discounts on Academy training courses, spare parts & repairs: With TroCare, Trotec is also setting new standards in service for laser users.

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Outstanding passion

Trotec’s focus and the daily efforts of all employees are aimed towards the vision of being a “home” for all laser users. We’re very pleased that this passion for laser technology is receiving national and international recognition. Every prize, every award and every seal of approval makes us proud and confirms our standards of quality and design as well as our continuous innovation.

Dicsover Trotec's quality police

An equal partner. With a passion for laser technology

We love what we do. We’re enthusiastic about laser technology and we want to pass this enthusiasm on to our customers. This passion for laser technology can be experienced when working on our machines as well as when our international teams work together to develop innovative solutions for our customers.

We not only want to understand the challenges our customers face, we also want to be a trustworthy advisor and support them in setting up and developing their business. Being an equal partner is what drives us in our daily work, even in challenging times. We stand by our values and our customers.

Peter Kratky & Norbert Schrüfer
CEO & COO Trotec

What drives us

We listen in order to understand the challenges our customers face and we work with a great entrepreneurial spirit. In this way, we can find out the cause of the challenge and find the best solution for it. We’re always aiming to be innovative and set new standards.

We’re driven by the vision and confidence to change the future of all laser users and our team for the better. To do this, we challenge ourselves and conduct respectful discussions, without hierarchical levels, in order to always give preference to the best idea.

About the TroGroup:

The group of companies known as TroGroup GmbH operates as leading global stamp business under the Trodat brand name, as leading global laser business under the brand name Trotec, and as leading global high-tech laser sources under the brand name Iradion. Trodat is the world’s largest stamp manufacturer, Trotec is the global market leader in laser plotters for engraving, cutting and marking, and Iradion is the world market leader for ceramic CO2 laser sources.

In the business year 2022, TroGroup generated a turnover of EUR 312 million and employed around 1,980 people in 44 international subsidiaries worldwide, including around 590 people in Austria. The group of companies is present in more than 150 countries, the export rate amounts to more than 97%. TroGroup is based in Wels in Upper Austria, where the most important stamp production site as well as the research and development facilities are located. The Trotec production and sales site is situated in Marchtrenk, just over a mile from Wels. The TroGroup is 74.9% owned by the Müller-Just family foundations and 25.1% by owners of the Lower Austrian ImWind Group.

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