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We offer laser cutters from entry-level models to high-end machines for professionals, from small to large format laser cutting machines with 2 x 3 m. Acrylic, wood, paper and plastic are just a few of the materials a laser machine can cut precisely and engrave in detail. Find the right laser cutting machine for your application.

Advantages of a laser cutter

A laser cutter can cut and engrave many materials. Laser cutting is a fast, efficient, non-contact cutting process.

Versatility of material processing

Cut materials like acrylic, paper, wood, MDF sheets, textile and plastic contactlessly – anything from 1 mm paper to 25 mm acrylic is possible. Our laser cutters offer a working area of up to 2 x 3 m.

Use the same machine to cut and engrave

A laser cutter can engrave or mark logos, texts and patterns into the material, as well as cut materials. There’s no need for an additional machine. This saves time and money, while creating added value and flexibility.

Precise cutting of complex geometries and materials

The laser beam achieves minimal kerf and enables the smallest radii of 1/10 mm. This allows the finest geometries, complex shapes and designs to be accurately cut, while the material is utilized efficiently since minimal waste is created. A laser cutter is ideal for the cost-effective production of displays, signs, architectural models, prototypes and artwork.

No post-processing of the material

The laser beam is a thermal process that vaporizes, burns or melts the material during the cut. For example, when laser cutting acrylic, you obtain a crisp cut edge by melting the acrylic. Wood is burned with pinpoint accuracy. Laser cutting seals the edges of synthetic textiles. This saves time and money in production and produces high-quality results.

Trotec laser cutters at a glance.

The dimensions of your workpieces are a decisive factor when choosing the right laser cutter: The length and width of the working area as well as the maximum workpiece height are decisive. Always compare these dimensions with the technical data of our laser machines.

Speedy series
Speedy series
R series
R series
SP series
SP series

Speedy series – high-performance laser cutters and engravers

The high-performance laser cutters of the Speedy series automatically adjust the cutting speed to match the geometry of your designs. They are also the fastest laser engravers on the market. Combined with the laser software Ruby®, we guarantee an optimal workflow. This enables excellent quality at maximum throughput.

Technical data

Working area (W x D) up to 1016 x 610 mm
Max. workpiece height 283 mm
Laser type CO2, flexx or fiber laser
Laser power 20 - 120 watts

Speedy series

Find the right laser machine for your business.

TroMatch is here to help you choose the right laser system to meet your business needs.

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Which laser cutter is right for my application?

The right laser cutter for every application and every industry. Need more information before buying a laser machine? Find everything you need to know about laser cutting in our guide.

Signage and displays
Signage and displays
Signage and displays - Anchor
School, universities, FabLabs
School, universities, FabLabs
School, universities, FabLabs - Anchor
Manufacturing industry
Manufacturing industry
Manufacturing industry - Anchor
Personalization - Anchor
Textile industry
Textile industry
Textile industry - Anchor
Front door signage

Laser technology for signage and displays

Produce POS displays, neon signs, advertising signs and acrylic letters cost-effectively with a laser cutter. Laser finishing of acrylic is up to 88% more economical than using alternative technologies like milling. Get sealed cut edges in soft signage applications, like cutting beach flags or textile coverings. There’s no need for any post-processing. The large format laser cutting machines of the SP series enable part sizes of 2 x 3 m. Printed materials can be cut accurately. This enables a multitude of Print&Cut applications. Create laser-cut signage for indoor and outdoor use. With a laser cutter, you can implement virtually any design on signage, whether it’s filigree motifs or complex designs.

Laser cutters in graphics finishing

Urban planning concept - laser cut 3D model

Advanced manufacturing technology in schools, universities and FabLabs

Laser cutting offers many opportunities, especially to young people and students in the fields of engineering, product design, art, fashion and architecture. It allows them to work with a wide variety of materials and expands their knowledge in product development and manufacturing. By using laser cutters, complex shapes and designs can be created, which enhances the students' creativity and technical skills. Exposing laser cutters to digital workflows, such as programming and controlling production processes, enables new ways of learning. Laser cutters are efficient and easy to use, and they can cut the smallest details with precision.   

Laser cutters in education

Flexible and process-optimized manufacturing

Our industrial laser cutters offer flexible and process-optimized manufacturing by optimizing digital workflows and processes. They are ideal for cutting functional films, engineering plastics, and housings in precision mechanics and automotive manufacturing, as they can reduce process costs and maximize flexibility. Laser cutting is distinguished by high-quality results and a wear-free process. The results are best suited to industrial applications such as store fitting, textile cutting, component cutting and furniture making. The high quality and reliability of our laser cutters ensure efficient and productive production that meets the demands of modern industry.

Laser machines in manufacturing

Realize unique customer wishes and individual products

Implement original ideas quickly and easily without any time-consuming cutting by hand. With a laser machine you can cut anything from wooden decorative items to paper cards and leather products. Additionally, the laser cutters enable you to individualize products with a name or photo engraving. Cut and engrave single pieces, small series and even large series at low cost. Personalization with a laser machine can increase the selling price by 5 to 10 times compared to a standard product. 

Laser cutter for personalization

Precise cuts in the textile industry; unique creations in the fashion industry

A laser cutting machine offers a precise and efficient way to cut materials such as linen, cotton, silk, leather and faux leather. The heat of the laser beam seals the edges of synthetic fabrics like polyester or fleece. This prevents fraying and eliminates the need for post-processing.

Laser cutting enables the creation of complex patterns and designs. These designs become reproducible through the use of laser technology, which is often not the case with manual work. In addition, using a laser cutter in the fashion industry enables garments and accessories to be personalized. For example, leather jackets, shoes and bags can be customized with logos, names or other motifs.

Laser cutter for textiles

Wondering which laser system is right for you?

In this exclusive ebook, we offer guidance on how to choose the right laser machine for your application.

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What materials can I cut with a laser machine?

The following materials can be cut with a CO2 laser.


      Cut Engrave Mark
    Acrylic -
    Glass - -
    Plastic sheets -
    Leather -
    Metal* - - -
    Paper -
    Plastics -
    Stone - -
    Textiles -
    Wood -

    *Metal foils can be cut up to a thickness of 0.5 mm, but individual tests are recommended.

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    Laser software Ruby®: Move quickly from the idea to the finished cut product.

    All processing steps for laser users are integrated in our Ruby® software. Switch between graphics editing and laser job preparation at any time. Create simple designs directly in Ruby® and make changes to existing graphics without needing an additional graphics design program. Especially when it comes to cutting, Ruby® provides great support in preparing graphics with its "Bitmap Vectorization" function. Easily convert the raster graphics into vector graphics for laser cutting. The Print&Cut application with Ruby® also helps to optimize your workflow. The software corrects inaccuracies by automatically calculating the difference and virtually rotating or positioning the original file, so that the cutting path perfectly matches the printed material. You already use a laser machine? Download Ruby® and discover the intuitive user interface.

    Curious about what other features Ruby® offers to make your daily laser work easier?

    Laser software Ruby®


    Laser projects that inspire

    You can use our laser templates directly on your laser cutter and re-cut them. Dive into the world of imaginative cutting and engraving applications – there are no limits to your creativity.

    To the laser templates

    Accessories and service offers for your laser cutter


    The right working table for your application

    The multi-functional table concept allows you to select the appropriate table for an application and easily switch it as needed. This ensures the highest processing quality and productivity. 

    Multi-functional table concept


    Atmos laser exhaust system – worlds better

    Laser cutters and Atmos exhaust systems form a perfectly overall solution. Dust and gases are removed properly and safely. It prevents unsightly smoke deposits around the cut and flaming on top of the material, resulting in excellent cutting quality. The time required for cleaning after laser cutting is minimized. 

    Atmos laser exhaust systems


    TroCare protection plan

    Investing in a laser cutter is a significant step when it comes to building your laser business. Unexpected repair costs, order rejections or even a breakdown of the machine would be disastrous. That's why our TroCare packages offer preventive measures: 

    • Predictable operating costs 
    • Annual maintenance for maximum cutting performance 
    • Competent support from experienced service technicians, discounts on Academy training courses, spare parts & repairs. 



    Trotec Academy – Know-how increases efficiency

    Our Academy program offers further training on subjects like photo engraving, acrylic cutting, woodworking with the laser cutter, and how laser engraving and cutting can be made more precise. We offer seminars on laser basics for you and your new employees: material processing, laser cutting and engraving. 

    Training sessions

    Useful insights about laser cutters and laser cutting.

    Would you like to learn more about laser cutting machines before making an investment? Find out everything you need to know about laser cutting in this guide.

    Advantages of a laser cutter in comparison with other technologies.

    The laser as an alternative to the milling machine

    This eBook highlights the technologies of milling and laser cutting. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the processes? What are the fields of application of a laser?

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    What do you need to consider before choosing a laser cutter that’s perfect for your application?

    A comparison of the different laser sources

    Laser cutters differ primarily in the laser sources they use. Each laser type has its own advantages and disadvantages and is suitable for processing different materials. Trotec laser cutters use a CO2 laser source for cutting. This is a laser source that is mainly suitable for processing non-metallic materials as well as most plastics.

    Other laser types: Fiber lasers are best suited to metal marking by tarnishing, as well as to metal engraving and high-contrast plastic marking. Nd:YAG and Nd:YVO (crystal lasers) are also suitable for marking metals and plastics. Unlike fiber lasers, YAG or vanadate lasers use relatively expensive pump diodes as wear material.

    High power facilitates enormous flexibility

    It’s always the individual application that dictates which laser power is recommended. But as a rule of thumb, more power enables faster cutting, provided the material (thickness) allows this. For laser cutting and high-speed applications, we generally recommend a laser power of more than 80 watts. 

    The maximum laser power affects both the quality of your products and the working time. While you can regulate the laser power via the software, the maximum power output depends on the hardware. Thin polyester fabric, for example, can be cut economically with a less powerful laser cutter (e.g. 60 watts), but you’ll need a more powerful machine (e.g. 400 watts) for 25 mm thick acrylic. Therefore, the following applies: A high-powered laser machine offers great flexibility since you can use it to process many different materials.  

    What material thickness can be laser cut?

    A laser cutter can be used to cut a wide range of materials. There are four factors that determine the maximum cutting thickness: first, laser power; second, throughput; third, quality requirements and fourth, material type. Material thickness and recommended laser power for CO2 laser cutting:

    Materials Recommended laser power (watts)
      30 watts 60 watts 120 watts 200 watts 400 watts
    Plywood 3 mm 8 mm 12 mm 12 mm 12 mm
    MDF 3 mm 8 mm 15 mm 25 mm 25 mm
    Solid wood 3 mm 8 mm 15 mm 25 mm 25 mm
    Acrylic 3 mm 6 mm 12 mm 20 mm 25 mm
    Polycarbonate, foils -        
    Paper 200 g/m² 300 g/m² 600 g/m² 600 g/m² 600 g/m²
    Cardboard 200 g/m² 300 g/m² 600 g/m² 600 g/m² 600 g/m²
    Corrugated board Single wave C Double wave EB Double wave BC Double wave BC Double wave BC
    Plastic sheets 1,6 mm 1,6 mm 1,6 mm 1,6 mm 1,6 mm
    Stamps 2,3 mm 2,3 mm 2,3 mm 2,3 mm 2,3 mm
    Anodized aluminum - - - - -
    Stainless steel - - - - -

    Limitless application possibilities – fast and precise cuts

    Whether you’re designing creative crafts, integrating the laser cutter into manufacturing, or using laser cutting as an advanced technology in schools or universities, our laser cutters enable the effortless, wear-free cutting of wood, acrylic, MDF, paper, textiles and foams with great accuracy and at tremendous speed. This ranges from the production of exclusive single pieces to entire series.  

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    How much does a laser cutter cost?

    What factors influence the price of your laser cutter?

    We configure the laser cutters according to your requirements, which makes it impossible to us to quote an exact price. However, factors like laser power, work surface size and accessories (e.g. the exhaust system) will affect the overall price. 

    Details on influencing factors

    Financing options at Trotec 

    Purchasing a laser cutter is a well-planned investment. To make the purchase of your new Trotec laser cutter easier, we can support you with various payment models: 

    • Leasing 
    • Payment in instalments 
    • Cash payment 

    Financing options

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