Paper cards

Laser cutting custom greeting cards, gift cards and business cards for special occasions is quick and economical with a laser cutter.

Paper cards
Laser cutting personalized paper gift cards for special occasions.

How to use the laser cutter for custom greeting cards made of paper.

Thanks to laser technology, you can produce even the finest geometries with high precision and quality, while a cutting plotter cannot meet these requirements. Inspire your customers with new design possibilities and stand out from the competition. Cutting highly delicate paper shapes, engraving logos, photos or ornaments for personalisation - it’s all possible with no problems.

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Why a Trotec laser machine is the right tool for cutting and engraving paper cards.
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How to calculate the cost of using a of laser machine for paper cards.

Take a look at our examples and learn more about the costs when using a laser cutter for paper gift cards. The calculation includes investment and operating costs.

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The best laser machine for laser cutting paper gift cards.

The precise cuts achieved by the Speedy series laser engraver are a perfect prerequisite for creating high-quality, exceptional gift and business cards.

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What our customers say.

"The Speedy is a great addition to my creative workflow. The paper I use is so fine, it's hard to imagine that you can take a layer off it without it falling apart. It just goes to show that laser machines can create exceptionally fine detail."

Hannah Nunn

Founder of Hannah Nunn LTD

"The greatest advantage of owning a Speedy laser is that we can go from creating and testing a new design to manufacturing within a short space of time. We no longer have to commit to very large orders for each design.”

Michael Stock

Kaszazz, Card making and Scrapbooking creations


Is laser cutting paper gift cards possible without the material burning?

Does laser engraving paper always create dark results?

How much does a laser cutter for cutting and engraving custom greeting cards and business cards cost?

Can a laser machine cut and engrave other materials, besides paper?

What does it take to create high-quality paper cards and business cards economically with a laser cutter?

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