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A passion for creativity.

With a passion for paper, artist Hannah Nunn has been creating stunning craft items for over 17 years.

Beginning her creative journey at art college, Hannah first found success with intricate hand-cut cards which were stocked by famous retailers and craft galleries including Harrods. As the company has grown, Hannah's attention to detail and love of nature are still prevalent in her products, including her famous table lamps, wallpaper and window films. 

The success and continued popularity of her table lamps led to Hannah running her own artisan lighting gallery, Radiance, from 2005 until 2016. Now operating as an online business, Hannah employs two staff at her Hebden Bridge studio, creating products that are sold worldwide and can be found in retailers in countries including Italy and Japan.

Growing business requirements.

Fine details have always been integral to Hannah's work, dating back to her greetings cards. The level of detail in each design made manual processing a laborious task, with some of Hannah's now staple designs nearly impossible to consistently replicate by hand. With dreams of owning her own laser cutter, Hannah knew that she would be able to scale up production and recreate even her most intricate designs with ease, however, the cost coupled with lack of studio space meant that it wasn't a feasible solution during the business's early years.

With the successful launch of her flagship table lamps, Hannah began to outsource laser cutting work to a Devon-based business. This partnership allowed Hannah to bring her lighting range to market faster than would be possible with manual processing. The productive turning point for Hannah's business came following the retirement of her service provider in 2019.

Thanks to the continued popularity of her lamps and the relocation to her new, larger studio in 2016, Hannah was finally able to realise her dream of owning a laser cutter, investing in a glass tube system. The laser's introduction brought new, creative possibilities to the studio, however, a drawback was that noticeable dust and debris were left on the paper when laser cut, which required Hannah to spend a considerable time cleaning the materials post-processing. 

Looking for a more refined cutting result, Hannah began to research alternative laser systems, with her search leading to Trotec Laser. The Speedy 300 laser engraver was the ideal Trotec laser for Hannah's work due to its similar footprint compared to her existing glass tube laser. Covid restrictions prevented Hannah from travelling to her local showroom, so Trotec's area manager instead gave a comprehensive online demonstration of the system.

A decisive factor in Hannah's purchase of a Trotec Speedy 300 in 2020 was the support she received from Trotec, including from the applications specialist, who conducted material testing on Hannah's paper and provided specific laser settings that would negate the need for any cleaning of the paper after processing.

Fine details and continued success.

Since installation, the Speedy laser engraver has brought an "explosion of creativity" to Hannah's business.

The ceramic laser tube has allowed Hannah to have greater control over the laser power compared to the glass tube system, and to cut the paper without generating large amounts of dust. Hannah has compared the level of detail possible with her Speedy to "Drawing with a fine liner pen compared to a fat marker pen."

With laser technology, Hannah has been able to take some of her more complicated designs and turn them into striking products, something that would have been impossible when hand cutting. The level of detail that is possible with the Speedy also allows Hannah to turn bespoke customer orders into tangible products in no time.

The ability to easily prototype designs and product ideas has also benefitted Hannah and the team. Time is at a premium when running a small business, and the Speedy allows Hannah the time to spend a couple of hours a day trialling new ideas without compromising the fulfilment of customer orders and business requirements.

From the initial calls to her online demonstration and beyond, the level of support received form Trotec made Hannah confident that Trotec is the right supplier to support her business. Machine installation was a straightforward experience, with Trotec's engineer giving Hannah comprehensive training allowing her to start lasering immediately.

The Speedy is a great addition to my creative workflow. The paper I use is so fine, it's difficult to imagine that you could take a layer away from it and that it would still hold together, but that shows how the laser can create fine details. I never know what's going to come next, I'm very excited by some of the new designs I've been prototyping, it's exciting to see what they look like when laser cut and where the laser will take me.

Hannah Nunn
Founder - Hannah Nunn LTD

Watch Hannah's story in this special interview session.

Currently, Hannah is testing new designs for products, some of which were showcased during her special interview during the Trotec UK Live virtual exhibition which took place in January 2021.

Of course, we'd like to make the recording available to you - make sure to watch it for getting further insights into Hannah Nunn LTD.

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