Javik Laser sees 300% productivity improvement with Trotec laser.

Javik Laser invests resources into having the very best skills and machines to supply high quality laser engraved parts, providing a solution to any situation.


Laser cutting and marking for traceability, component marking, branding, personalisation and more.


King's Lynn, Norfolk

Laser machine

Speedy 300 and Speedy 400

Javik Laser Creations was founded by James Hodge and his partner Vicky in 2015. Initially starting as a hobby, James quickly realised that there was potential to build a viable business in laser cutting. Javik Laser Creations was formed in 2015 shortly after the arrival of his first laser cutter.  Javik offers a cutting and engraving service to corporate clients, including Norwich City FC, as well as individuals looking for personalised gifts, memorials and other items. James: "I started researching lasers more and more, and became more interested in it. And Trotec have always been at the top of the list for quality and excellent machines."

Before they got their Trotec, they were limited by technology.

James began Javik Laser with the introduction of a CO2 laser cutter, adding an additional fiber laser and a rotary engraving machine to his processing arsenal in the following months. Among the many products created by James are memorial plaques, electrical labels and varied bespoke projects. Due to the durability and sterile characteristics of the laser markings, James also serves the food and medical industries amongst others.

Despite his CO2 laser being an efficient tool for many applications, James felt that there were some jobs which were beyond its processing capabilities. In some cases taking a job would not have been cost-effective for James as the engraving speed of the laser was too slow. This was largely due to the water-cooled tube of the machine, which prevented him from producing the required quantities of the electrical labels. The larger spot size of the laser also made creating fine detail extremely difficult, with the engraving speed inferior to the rotary engraving machine.

The next level of laser processing

In 2019, James purchased a Speedy 300 laser engraver from Trotec and has reaped the benefits since installation. One of the main advantages that the Trotec has brought to Javik Laser Creations is the quality and speed of processing. Compared to the old laser, the Speedy 300 offers improved processing times and allows James to produce twice as many labels in half the time than previously possible, an increased production capacity of 300% for this item. Javik could effectively produce three days' worth of labels in just one day with the new Trotec laser.

With his Trotec laser, James has been able to take on a range of different projects alongside his standard service offering. These include creating reproduction labels for a company specialising in World War 2 products, and laser cutting printed acrylic using the JobControl Vision camera system.

James was fully supported by Trotec throughout the entire process, including user training to ensure maximum utilisation of Trotec's time saving features. Trotec's after-sale support has also been praised by James, with any issue that occurred being solved via a phone call.

My Trotec experience has been excellent. The whole process was stress-free and Trotec staff are always available to help via email and telephone support. I cannot fault my experience and I am fully satisfied with Trotec as my laser supplier of choice.

James Hodge
Managing Director

Speedy series
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