Having trouble connecting your PC to your laser?

Fix connection problems in 3 easy steps

The problem was not solved?

Still having problems with your USB connection? Please contact our technical service. We will find a quick solution. Technical Service
1. Go to the “control panel” menu and select the option “All system control elements” or "System and Security."
2. Go to the "Power options” tab and select “High performance."
3. In the tab "Device manager" select the USB interface you wish to use. Then go to “Energy management" and right-click on “Adjustments,” and deselect “Computer can switch off the device to save energy.” Now re-connect the laser to your PC via the button in the JobContol® software. The problem should now be solved.
If you have already seen this error notifcation on your JobControl® software: "connection to engraver is broken”, the problem is probably the Windows settings for your USB connection. This problem can easily be fixed by updating the Windows' settings. You can find the steps for establishing a function USB connection here: 

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