Compact integration laser for industrial marking

The InMarker series powerful industrial laser engravers guarantee precise labeling with short cycle times as part of your production line, robot cell or production facility.

Marking laser for the labeling of metals and plastics.

Flexibility across the industry

The design of the InMarker marking lasers is both compact and lightweight, enabling it to be used within multiple industries and production units. Weighing just 4.6 kg, the InMarker is one of the lightest integration lasers on the market.

Simple integration

Full safety documentation and fieldbus interfaces, such as Profinet, as well as step-by-step installation instructions etc. are all provided for optimal support of the integrator with laser integration.

Powerful and stable

Irrespective of the data that is being labeled, the InMarkers are designed for consistent precision labelling on an ongoing basis in short cycle times, even when used as part of shift work (24/7)

Fiber laser & MOPA Laser

There is also an option to fit them with 20, 30 or 50 watt pulsed Yb fiber laser sources or with 20 or 100 watt MOPA laser sources and these lasers produce perfect annealing marking and surface engraving.

Robust and compact marking device

Remaining one of the smallest integration lasers on the market, the InMarker is suitable for harsh environments due to its robust housing and IP 54 protection class

Safe working environment

The optional SafetyCone is the perfect safety-related solution for laser operations (up to class 1) without the need for protective housing

Overview of the integration laser

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Fiber laser and MOPA for labeling metal and plastics

The powerful industrial laser engravers guarantee precise labeling with short cycle times as part of your production line, robot cell or production facility.

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Fiber laser and MOPA for labeling metal and plastics InMarker

Technical data for InMarker

Laser source Pulsed Yb fiber lasers
Wave length 1064 nm
Laser power 20 W 30 W 50 W 20 W MOPA 100 W MOPA
Laser class  possible with Safetycone and laser class 2 pilot laser, possible with Safetycone without laser class 1 pilot laser and Safetycone laser class 4
Pilot laser yes - red (optional without pilot laser)
Pulse duration 200 ns   2-500 ns
Pulse frequency 1-600 kHz   1-4000 Khz
Max. pulse energy

0.8 mJ (@ 25kHz)

0.8 mJ (@37 kHz)  1.25 mJ (40 kHz) 0.8 mJ (@25 kHz) 1.5 mJ (@67 kHz)
Typical service life for pump diodes 100,000 h
Laser beam quality M²<1.5  M²<1.8  M²<1.4  M²<1.6
Marking area with SafetyCone
only possible with a focal length of 160 or 163 mm.
Variant S - marking area X x Y: 50 x 40 mm / Top area: 80 x 70 mm
Variant L - marking area X x Y: 90 x 70 mm / Top area: 120 x 100 mm
Alternative variants: Customized 
Marking area without Safetycone 70 x 70 mm, 120 x 120 mm, 160 x 160 mm, 190 x 190 mm
Focal length  optionally: 100 mm, 160 mm, 210 mm, 254 mm
Fieldbus / interface Profinet
Communication Ethernet, USB, HDMI
Safety interface Standard: Han 3A 6pol, Optional: Profisafe / Han3A RJ45
Exhaust system interface Harting Han 6 24-pin
Cooling active air-cooling
IP protection class IP 54 (marking head)
Power consumption max. 1000 W
Power supply 110 - 230 V / 50-60 Hz / 1-N-PE
Laser rack Interfaces & integrated power supply
Safetycone Interfaces & integrated power supply
Fiber length Standard: 3 m / optional: 5 m
Head/rack connection pack Standard: 3 m / optional: 5 m
Rack/rack connection pack Hybrid cable 1.5 m
Marking head operating environment 15 - 35 °C, not condensing
Rack operating environment 15 - 35 °C, 0 - 60 % not condensing
Marking head weight 4.6 kg
Safetycone weight Variant S: 2.8 kg, Variant L: 3 kg
Laser rack weight 19'' 4HE 13 kg  16 kg  13 kg  18 kg
Control rack weight  19'' 4HE 14 kg
Marking head dimensions  306 x 120 x 106 mm
Safetycone dimensions 209 x 183.5 x 269.5 mm
Laser rack dimensions   19'' 4HE 450 x 177 x 540 mm
Control rack dimensions  19'' 4HE  450 x 177 x 540 mm
Applicable standards and directives IEC EN 60825-1, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, TROS


Marking area
With Safetycone 50 x 40 mm / 90 x 70 mm
ithout Safetycone, depending on the lens, up to 190 x 190 mm

The local “Safetycone” safety module allows work to take place under the highest possible laser safety class 1, thereby saving the cost, effort and space associated with an additional laser protective housing.
Designed for flat surfaces. It is possible to customize the Safetycone if the surface is curved or bent.

As standard, the InMarker is supplied with a pilot laser that meets laser protection class 2 in conjunction with the Safetycone. It is possible to optionally cancel the pilot laser (it cannot be retrofitted).

For all non-standard versions, our Competence Centre  can provide a feasibility study for your specific usage.

Cable length
5 m trailing

Direct part marking with laser

Perfect for industrial marking (DPM)

Direct Part Marking (DPM) is a type of marking that is applied directly to the workpiece and permanently remains in place. Compared to dot peen marking (needle embossing), laser marking is contactless, thereby allowing reliable labelling to take place in production without the need for interruptions that are time-consuming and cost-intensive. No scratching of tools or components, no smudged markings.  Milling parts are marked with series and batch numbers, cast parts are engraved with data matrix codes or injection-molded parts are provided with production dates and serial numbers. It is therefore possible to quickly implement practically any industrial labeling (DPM) in short cycle times without fixing the material.

Applications and areas of use

The InMarker can be easily integrated into your production line or installed in stand-alone workstation without the need to make costly changes to your production. This solution can therefore be used to directly implement any industrial labeling in short cycle times without fixing the material.

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