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Each year Austrian industrial machine manufacturer PROMOT Automation produces more than 200 automated systems. Between 50 and 1000 laser marked information signs and data plates are required for each system. A Speedy 360 laser machine has been used for this since 2016.
Engine specialist Van der Graaf uses Trotec SpeedMarker series marking lasers for marking components, and they appreciate the flexible nature of these machines for their proprietary manufacturing processes.
SPS Technik offers comprehensive production of facility signage, using the Trotec Speedy400 flexx in production.

High-Speed laser cutting of insulators at Tocana Ltd.

​Tocana specialise in the design, development and manufacture of electrical and electronic insulation solutions. They cut flame retardant electrical insulators with a GS1000.

High-Speed laser cutting of insulators at Tocana Ltd.
​Tocana specialise in the design, development and manufacture of electrical and electronic insulation solutions. They cut flame retardant electrical insulators with a GS1000.
Green Lab is an open innovation lab and ecosystem allowing innovators to design sustainable solutions for a variety of applications including urban food. The recent addition of a Speedy 100 laser has brought new possibilities to the lab, including the ability to prototype and produce applications in-house.
London based open access workshop, Building BloQs, utilise an SP500 within their workshop, allowing members to produce a variety of applications. Having previously owned an unreliable laser machine, the purchase of a Trotec laser has become the start of an ongoing partnership between Building BloQs and Trotec.
The Shibaura Institute of Technology installed laser cutters for children's workshops to give them knowledge about architectural flows and the profession of an architect.
Obscenerie has scaled up its production - completing dozens of acrylic products a day with their Trotec laser machine.
Unique laser engraved wedding-, anniversary- and birth gifts made with a Speedy 100. Jazer is sharing his experience with Trotec.
Projects in arts and science: The Tehnology Center for Education Support in Moscow uses a Speedy 100 for the creation of 3D objects and laser pyrography.
Green Grass Design - a graphic design studio that took next-level innovation into their own hands.
SMUKK offers several collection lines, including children's drawings engraved on MDF and acrylate and cards for special occasions produced with a Trotec laser.
Sunshine Barossa is a premium leather business based in South Australia.The purchase of a laser machine has presented Sunshine Barossa with a multitude of business opportunities.
At Beck Sensortechnik, a Trotec marking laser simplifies workflow and saves costs.
The 80-watt CO2 laser cutter not only unlocks a myriad of opportunities for members, but also sparks creativity, enthusiasm and inspiration.
Blaufaktor saves time and money thanks to in-house laser marking of drinking water filter.
The Michaelwerk division includes workshops, support groups and the vocational training area for disabled people. More than 600 handicapped people work and learn there, primarily in the laundry, carpentry, assembly, mailing, gardening, kitchen, and stamp and sign production departments.
Gruson greenhouses convert to laser technology to label the plants in the greenhouses and botanical gardens for visitors.
For almost 50 years, Hoffmann + Krippner has been developing and producing individual operating units and flexible printed electronics as well as sophisticated smart, networked sensor applications and HMI solutions.
Druckkind is a young online store that specializes in the individualization and personalization of products of all kinds. At the same time, the startup company focuses on developing and manufacturing new, proprietary products.
High quality designer glasses from ic! Berlin.
Mail-order-company Erwin Müller opts for a fast, economical and reliable laser solution.
The electrical engineering company Magnet-Schultz in Germany aims to familiarize the future skilled workers with different processing methods. Therefore, the company regularly invests in the latest production technology.
Caseking is one of the most successful online suppliers in Europe and Asia for extraordinary computer accessories.
Customima was born after founder Susana Fuentes realized that jewelry should have soul. So she created a brand that transforms the most important moments of many women into indelible feelings, through customization and engraving of modern and trendy jewelry.
The decision to become a Trotec customer was made because Trotec offers not only high cutting and engraving quality but also the security of a European brand and local technical service. The technical advice available at any time offers the certainty of always being accompanied.
Le Petit Coco found their ideal laser system for personalizing and designing baby products in a Speedy 100. It works fast and delivers high quality at the same time. Also, it was important to choose a provider known for excellent and fast service that offers materials as well.
The computer manufacturer uses their Speedy 400 to process a large variety of custom bracing and etching for their solution specific workstations and servers.
At UniBw M, book covers are engraved quickly and precisely with the laser under high-quality standards.
With a passion for paper, artist Hannah Nunn has been creating stunning craft items for over 17 years. She creates striking, intricate details with her Trotec Speedy 300 and Speedy 360.
Düsseldorf Chamber of Skilled Crafts focuses on regional quality for production equipment used in vocational training.
Following the purchase of a Speedy 100 in 2018, Michael has seen an increase in productivity, efficiency and productivity.
S•K•S achieves maximum precision when cutting 3M adhesive tapes with laser cutters from Trotec.
Speedy 300 flexx of applying letters and names to the facings of stone plaques, and it helping to produce mortuary tablets, the company is taking up the challenge of creating
Bringing laser marking in-house saves Andec Supplies thousands of pounds a year and broadens their service portfolio.
Waverley Brownall Ltd increases component marking throughput with a Speedy 300 fiber laser.
Rep'n My Hood is a family-run company that specializes in customized tumblers, coasters and apparel. They currently operate with a Speedy 300 80w to produce personalized, high-quality goods.
LumaMedia is an electroluminescent light source manufacturer that specializes in custom backlit acrylic signage. They currently operate with a Speedy 300 60w to produce high-quality signage solutions.
As "Werkpunk", Dirk Butterling produces, manufactures or refines various products with the laser engraving machine in his studio in Linz.
Trotec laser enables gift company, Snuggle Feet, to expand their business capabilities and found sister company, The Laser Engraving Company. Read more about the company and their Trotec laser.
Purchasing a Speedy 400 has enabled students at The University of Sheffield's School of Architecture to process their architectural projects twice as fast.
De Meesterslijpers wanted to offer an added value for their beautiful kitchen products. Read more about how they use their Speedy laser engravers.
Ameritape purchased a Trotec laser to combat the limitations of using steel roll dies during the prototyping process.
Graffiti Shield operates as a manufacturing converter of anti-graffiti and surface protection films. They operate with two SP2000 100w systems to create customized surface protection solutions.
S&T EPS is using a trotec laser for marking electronic assemblies
AVK Plastics from the Netherlands are using five laser systems for marking their plastic pallets.
We’d like to introduce you to Voegeler Creations, a souvenir wholesaler from Albany WA. These guys are proud Trotec laser users AND Aussie winners of the Trotec Applications Contest!
Trotec customer James Powell uses two Speedy 300 laser engravers to laser cut and engrave wooden gifts.
Sabella Tilley started her own laser processing business, Treetop Treasures, after the purchase of her Trotec Laser.
Expand services with laser technology.
Origin Jewellery Ltd created sister company Origin Designed Ltd thanks to the creative possibilities offered by Trotec lasers.
When purchasing a Speedy 400 laser cutter, Ronald Steenkist had the future of his business in mind.
TM Sign Solutions offer a range of products including classical advertising signage, displays and industrial signs. Among the range of technology the use to create their signage are Trotec laser cutting, engraving and marking machines.
The family-run company H. Günther GmbH has been producing signage for the German engineering industry since 1972, now in its second generation.
Polymehr cuts acrylic with the large format laser cutter SP3000.
Everyday products and special features from the region.
Graphics Comenge: Manufacture of exclusive designs, signage, customization of items and stamps.
Reliable marking of around 500 items of firefighting equipment per year with the Speedy 100.
FabCafe BCN aims at providing an environment where technological innovation among companies and entrepreneurs thrives.
Seitzberger Display has been using the large-format laser SP1500 in shop fitting since 2009 – to achieve quality and speed.

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