• excellent for laser marking individual pieces and small batches in a matter of seconds
  • compact design, featuring a working area up to 190 x 190 mm (7.5 x 7.5 in)
  • ideal choice for promotional product companies, engravers specializing in personalization and manufacturing

Fiber laser marking machine: U-Series

The speed of a galvo meets the simplicity of Ruby®.

Laser software Ruby® simplifies laser marking.

Streamline your laser operations with our laser software Ruby®. No need to open customers' layouts separately. Drag and drop them into Ruby®, regardless of your graphic program's version and file format.

Marked in seconds.

Precision marking, even with the smallest fonts, is completed within seconds. This unparalleled speed, in conjunction with the streamlined workflow and efficiency of our laser software Ruby®, guarantees a significant boost in your productivity.

Exceptional flexibility for various geometries.

Enjoy versatile marking and engraving on varying components, regardless of height or geometry. Its impressive focus tolerance makes it ideal for various applications such as advertising materials, name plates, trophies, jewelry, watches, signs, and more.

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Durable U300 marking laser: Seamless integration, reliable investment.

U300 marking lasers

The U300 marking laser, made with premium components, ensures a lifetime of durability. Its robust design includes a fiber laser source and a housing with the highest European quality standards. Users of Trotec laser machines who are familiar with the Ruby® laser software can seamlessly integrate the U300 into their workflow, as most of Trotec laser machines are operated by Ruby®. The U300 with the Ruby® not only streamlines laser processes but also sets the stage for additional Trotec machines in the future, making it a reliable investment.

Technical data

Marking field (W x D) up to 190 x 190 mm
Max. marking speed 12m/s
Weight 56 kg
Laser type fiber laser

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Key features and options of the U300 laser marker.

Border marking

Border marking

This function can project the size of the design onto the component at any time. Position it in real time and correct it, if necessary, with a mouse click in our laser software. This eliminates the need for trial runs, thereby saving time and materials, resulting in a 50% increase of operational speed.
Effortless data processing

Effortless data processing

Process data directly from CSV and use the dynamic mail merge function for your data plates. This function allows you to personalize separate parts automatically with consistent data in a serial production. Do the programming and processing of all dynamic data directly in the laser software - without the help of third-party programs. Ideal for small and medium quantities.
Ethernet cable simplifies laser control

Ethernet cable simplifies laser control

The integrated Ethernet interface enables you to control your laser with any Windows PC. This liberates you from the limitations of an industrial PC. Additionally, our laser software Ruby® also allows you to connect to your laser from any PC, Mac or mobile device. Simply plug in and start lasering.
User-friendly focusing

User-friendly focusing

The integrated Focus Finder helps to determine the focus of the laser beam, even if the component height is not known. By manually adjusting the distance between the area to be marked and the laser head, the perfect focus can be determined - exactly when the two laser beams of the focus finder and pilot laser meet.

More features, options and accessories of U300

More features, options and accessories of U300


Safe according to CE

Our machines meet all official requirements and can therefore be put into operation safely


Exhaust system

Less contamination of the workpieces and a long service life of the laser machine with the right exhaust system – Trotec Atmos.


Excellent legibility

High-quality F-Theta lenses guarantee a perfect application result over the entire surface.


Sophisticated technology

Reliable operation, longest service life and lowest maintenance costs thanks to reliable Austrian mechanical engineering.



The tailored carefree service packages for optimum laser performance and uninterrupted operation of your machine.


Material parameters

Optimal interaction of service, laser machine, exhaust system and material – 1 contact person for everything.

Cutting-edge laser software Ruby® with U300 marking laser.

Prepare your company for future needs with Ruby®, an efficient software tailored for all Trotec laser machines:

  • - Seamlessly import your customers’ layouts into Ruby®, regardless of the graphic program’s version
  • - Streamline your workflow due to a separation of preparation and production – while one job is being processed by the laser, the next can be simultaneously designed and prepared.
  • - Access Ruby® from any location within your network using a PC, Mac, or mobile device.
  • - In less than two hours, our free Trotec video tutorials help you familiarize yourself with our user-friendly software

Ruby® laser software

Perfect match: U300 laser marker combined with a Speedy laser engraving and cutting machine.

Investing in a U300 laser marker in addition to a Speedy laser engraver and cutter helps in managing peak workloads and opens up new application opportunities:

  • U300 equipped with a fiber laser for marking plastics and metals
  • Speedy featuring a CO2 laser for processing wood, acrylics, glass and much more

Both machines can be managed efficiently by a single operator using our universal laser software Ruby®. By using the impressive processing speed of a U300 while your Speedy is executing another job, one operator can perform multiple laser jobs at the same time. Consequently, you can boost your efficiency and performance for your laser processing needs with our U300 laser marker and Speedy laser engraver and cutter in combination.

More about Speedy laser engraver and cutter

All-in-one-solution from machine to service.

Opting for Trotec means more than simply acquiring a laser machine. Our comprehensive solution includes laser software, exhaust systems, materials, training, service, and support – all meticulously designed to ensure your immediate profitability.

Ruby® laser software

Ruby® laser software

Efficiency is at your fingertips with Ruby® laser software. Accessible from PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile, whether beside a laser marker or anywhere within your network. Ruby® simplifies laser job management.
Laser software
High-performance exhaust systems

High-performance exhaust systems

For premium engraving and marking results, dust and fumes must be effectively removed. Our specially designed exhaust systems perfectly complement U300 lasers, delivering optimal performance.
Exhaust systems
Quality materials

Quality materials

Explore our extensive range of laserable materials, gifts, and accessories, all rigorously tested to guarantee superior laser processing outcomes. We prioritize material testing so you can concentrate on your business and customer needs.
TroCare protection plan

TroCare protection plan

TroCare offers comprehensive coverage for your laser marker. A single monthly or annual payment includes preventative maintenance, parts, and labor for repairs, ensuring your laser's longevity.
Efficient delivery and installation

Efficient delivery and installation

We ensure a timely delivery of your U300 laser marker from our nearest supplying plant. Subsequently, our local specialists conduct the installation, and if necessary, provide an initial training, allowing you to get up and running swiftly.

What materials can you engrave or mark?




Aluminum -
Copper -
Laser Leather -
Wood - -
Paper -
Ceramics -
Slate -
Plastics -

Discover the possibilities with a U300

Personalize a variety of items including advertising materials, name plates, trophies, jewelry, watches, signs, and more with a consistent high quality. Achieve permanent and fast marking of single pieces and small batches on varying geometries, providing an exceptional level of flexibility.


U300 for personalization

Swiftly mark all kinds of goods with the U300, enabling you to offer unique concepts and designs to your customers. As they are willing to invest more in personalized, premium quality, you have the opportunity to set higher prices in this regard. The U300’s combination of quality with the simple and rapid laser process, assures maximum high-class output with minimum input for your business.



U300 for manufacturing

Maintain flexibility in marking individual components and small batches of various geometries. With remarkable speed and precision of the U300, you can effortlessly and securely engrave data matrix codes or serial numbers with consistently superior quality. Integrate this laser process seamlessly into your professional work environment.


Technical data of the U300

  U300 02 F160 U300 02 F254
Marking field (W x D) 120 x 120 mm 190 x 190 mm
Max. height of workpiece 168 mm 61 mm
Loading area (W x D) 350 x 400 mm 350 x 400 mm
Overall dimensions (W x D x H) 445 x 851 x 653 mm 445 x 851 x 653 mm
Max. marking speed 12 m/s 12 m/s
Weight 56 kg 56 kg
Max. loading 50 kg 50 kg
Weight laser rack 20 kg 20 kg
Z-axis software-controlled servo axis software-controlled servo axis

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