Marking Laser
U Series

< 190 x 190 mm

Work area


Laser type

20 watts

Laser power

Why you need a U300 marking laser.

With the U series marking lasers you can mark or engrave individual pieces as well as small series. Data plates with individual serial numbers, codes and logos can be implemented quickly. Metal advertising materials can also be customized easily and without laser marking sprays. Engravers, contract manufacturers and machine builders can easily mark components, data plates or tools - even in recesses.

Achieve the best engraving quality thanks to high-quality lenses.

High-quality lenses and an excellent laser spot guarantee a perfect application result for your marking. Even the smallest details can be precisely marked. Functions such as polishing and deep engraving ensure legibility even on demanding materials.

You save time with border marking.

The special highlight of the U300 marking laser is the preview of the area to be marked. The contours of the design are projected onto the component. For correct positioning, you can use the border marking function and, if necessary, correct it in the software with a click of the mouse or manually align the component to the projection.

You’re independent and flexible thanks to the Ethernet cable.

The integrated Ethernet interface allows the laser to be controlled with any Windows PC. So you’re no longer confined by the functionality of an industrial PC. Simply plug in and laser - you’ll be surprised how much time you save!

Because individual requirements
require individual advice.
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Mark everything that needs to be marked.

Process data directly from CSV and use the dynamic mail merge function for your data plates. In this way, you can individualize separate parts automatically and with consistent data. You can do the programming and processing of all dynamic data directly in the laser software - without the help of third-party programs. Ideal for small and medium quantities.

10 50 - 50,000
different connectors pieces per hour

Marked in seconds.

Mark your objects at high speed with our galvo laser machines.
For permanent labeling of metals and plastics with data matrix codes, serial numbers or individual labeling with the smallest of fonts.

6 m/s 800
marking speed characters per second

Automatically generated in the software.

Select your code type and get started.
Identification made easy - with more than 100 integrated barcodes or data matrix codes in our software. Dynamic 1D and 2D codes are automatically generated in our software.

>100 1+2D
integrated barcodes automatic code generation 

A sustainable investment.

Use the U300 marking laser for a lifetime.
Robust and durable: the fiber laser source as well as housing processing with the highest European quality standards.

10 9001
years of protection ISO standard

Save time.

Project a preview onto the component and benefit from the marking position being correct from the start. Position in real time and, if necessary, correct with a click of the mouse. The border marking function makes this possible.

1:1 50%
transfer faster positioning

More features of the marking laser.

User-friendly focusing

Focus easily and quickly using the integrated focus finder.

Excellent legibility.

High-quality F-Theta lenses guarantee a perfect application result over the entire surface.

Efficient exhaust system

Less contamination of the workpieces, less flame formation and a long service life of the laser machine with the right exhaust system – Trotec Atmos.

Sophisticated technology

Reliable operation, longest service life and lowest maintenance costs thanks to reliable Austrian mechanical engineering.

Always productive

TroCare is a customized service package for maximum productivity reliability and calculable operating costs.

Independent and flexible thanks to Ethernet

Thanks to the newly integrated interface, the laser can be controlled with any Windows PC.

Compactly integrated.

Optimal ratio between the machine size and the work area means more flexibility and less space is required.

Flexible marking.

From individual single pieces to small series - the galvo laser marking machines can easily mark components, data plates or tools.

Integrated material parameters

Optimal interaction of service, laser machine, exhaust system and material – 1 contact person for everything.

Safe according to CE

Our machines meet all official requirements and can therefore be put into operation safely

All features

Discover here all features at a glance.

Technical data of the U series.

  U300 02F F160 U300 02F F254 U50 02F F160 U50 02F F254
Working area (W x D) 120 x 120 mm 190 x 190 mm 120 x 120 mm 190 x 190 mm
Max. height of workpiece 171 mm 22 mm    
Loading area (W x D) 350 x 400 mm 350 x 400 mm    
Overall dimensions (W x D x H) 445 x 851 x 653 mm 445 x 851 x 653 mm 120 x 643 x 110 mm 120 x 643 x 110 mm
Max. marking speed 6 m/s 9.5 m/s 6 m/s 9.5 m/s
Max. positioning speed 12 m/s 19 m/s 12 m/s 19 m/s
Weight 56 kg 56 kg 8 kg 8 kg
Max. loading 25 kg 25 kg    
Weight laser rack 20 kg 20 kg 20 kg 20 kg
Z-axis Software-controlled servo axis Software-controlled servo axis    

Material compatibility with the U300 marking lasers.


  Engrave Cut Mark
Acrylics - - -
Glass - - -
Plastic sheets - - -
Leather - -
Metal* -
Paper - -
Plastics - -
Stone - - -
Textiles - -
Wood - - -

*Cutting metal films up to 0.5 mm thickness possible. Individual tests recommended.

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