Laser marking in medical technology.

Traceability of medical products: UDI laser marking of surgical instruments and implants. Marking of stainless steel and plastic.

Laser marked surgical instruments

How laser marking is used in medical technology.

Laser markings are sterile and highly resistant to acids, cleaning agents or bodily fluids. Depending on the marking process with the laser marking machine, the surface texture remains unchanged. The medical instruments can be kept clean and sterile. Even if implants remain in the body for a long time, no harmful substances are released from the laser marking.

UDI or “Unique Device Identification” is based on certified ISO-compliant standard codes that must be provided on medical instruments and implants for traceability. Scanning the code provides you with information such as manufacturer, item reference or expiry date. This enables error-free documentation that ensures patient safety. Laser technology is optimal for UDI-compliant marking.

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Why a laser machine makes sense in medical technology. A comparison of technologies.

Applications in medical technology.

How to save money with laser marking in medical technology.

If laser technology is used for the traceability of medical products, costs can be reduced significantly. These examples show the savings per label or for the overall investment period. Good to know: The laser costs include the investment costs and the running costs.

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Which laser is needed for traceability in laser manufacturing.

Due to the simple laser marking of dynamic data, the SpeedMarker series is exactly the right choice for the traceability of medical products.  Implants, medical or surgical instruments made of stainless steel or plastic can be marked permanently, quickly and reliably with the galvo laser systems.

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Laser marking system for surgical instruments

What our customers say.

“The quality of Trotec machines coupled with their support network made us fully confident in our purchase. With the two machines we now have greater scope for production and prototyping, saving us both time and money in outsourcing.”

David Hoskins

Manufacturing Engineer - Abb Ltd.

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“We use the SpeedMarker 700 to mark the brand and logo on our motors, along with all its specifications and certifications. The system is fully integrated with our ERP, once we scan the work order all the info is automatically pulled. Trotec offers impeccable support especially in the early stages of programming and calibration. The SpeedMarker 700 offers the highest quality of marking on stainless steel and mild steel units.”

George Barbuc

Project Manager - Van der Graaf

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“We have previous experience with other laser system manufacturers in production, e.g. for marking housings or PCBs. However, they don’t offer a suitable solution for our requirements. In contrast, Trotec Laser was able to provide us with an optimal production solution using the SP1500 large-format laser machine.”

Stefan Beichter

Manufacturing Process Developer - Production Technology, Pilz GmbH & Co. KG

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How are implants and surgical instruments marked with the laser machine?


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