Integration laser for deep engraving
VIN Marker

These powerful integration lasers offer the perfect turnkey solution for the automotive industry and associated suppliers. Co-developed, tested and used by household-name car manufacturers, they meet all the requirements of Industry 4.0.

For rapid inline VIN and PIN labeling of painted and unpainted metals and materials.

Industrial laser engraver

Developed specifically for 24/7 use, the VIN marker presents a perfect typeface at high speed. It is therefore compatible with all PLC brands and meets the requirements of Industry 4.0

Simple integration

Full safety documentation and fieldbus interfaces, such as Profinet, support integration into new or current production lines on industrial robots, manipulators and balancers.

A robust and compact integration laser,

the VIN Marker is suitable for harsh environments due to its robust housing and IP 54 protection class, while also remaining one of the most compact integration lasers on the market.

Economical and full of performance

Depending on the project implementation, the VIN marker takes just 15 seconds to engrave a complete vehicle identification number (VIN) that includes 17 characters + 2 special characters and moreover, is cheaper than many other systems.

Flexible selection of materials

The use of non-contact laser technology means the VIN Marker can also be used to seamlessly engrave hard metals such as titanium, hardened steel, cast aluminum and other materials. This means you remain flexible in with regard to choosing materials in the future.

Safe working environment

The SafetyCone module also allows the highest level of laser safety (class 1). It simultaneously removes particles and smoke in an effective manner. This therefore means it is not necessary to use protective housing or a control cabinet , allowing you to save space and money! The fiber cable is configured as a “safety fiber”, so that if a cable breaks, the system performs an immediate emergency stop, thereby preventing stray radiation.

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Technical data VIN Marker

Laser source Pulsed Yb fiber lasers
Wave length 1064 nm
Laser power 200 W
Laser class  prepared using Safetycone laser class 1
Pilot laser No
Pulse duration 20-500 ns
Pulse frequency 2-4000 kHz
Max. pulse energy 2mJ (@250 & 500 ns/100 kHz) 
Typical service life for pump diodes 100,000 h
Laser beam quality M² < 1.8
Marking area with Safetycone
only possible with a focal length of 160 or 163 mm.
Marking field X x Y: 120 x 20 mm
Top area: 150 x 50 mm
Focal length  163 mm
Fieldbus / interface Profinet
Communication Ethernet, USB, HDMI
Safety interface Profisafe Han3A RJ45
Exhaust system interface Harting Han6 24-pin
Cooling active air-cooling
IP protection class IP 54 (marking head)
Power consumption 3,300 W
Power supply 230 V / 50-60 Hz /1-N-PE
Laser rack Interfaces & integrated power supply
Fiber length ~ 8.3 m
Head/rack connection pack Connection cable set: ~ 8.5 m
Rack/rack connection pack Hybrid cable 1.5 m
Marking head operating environment 15 - 45 °C not condensing
Rack operating environment 15 - 35 °C, 0 - 60 % not condensing
Marking head weight 11 kg
Safetycone weight 4.9 kg
Laser rack weight 19'' 4HE 23.4 kg
Control rack weight  19'' 4HE 16.5 kg
Marking head dimensions  180 x 145 x 450 mm
Safetycone dimensions 205 x 220 x 230 mm
Laser rack dimensions   19'' 4HE 450 x 177 x 540 mm
Control rack dimensions  19'' 4HE 
Applicable standards and directives IEC EN 60825-1, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, TROS


The local “SafetyCone” safety module functions under the highest possible laser safety class 1, thereby saving costs, effort and space associated with an additional laser protective housing.

Cleaning station
In order to maintain high quality deep engraving, this station cleans the laser system with safety code, including the focus check and test engraving. Handling is very simple and rapid - remove the system -> clean -> check/test -> insert = done.

Cable length
8.3 m trailing

Technological progress

Efficient, flexible, and ready for the future: The VIN marker allows non-contact processing without the need for time-consuming clamping of materials. The laser technology even allows harder materials to be processed without wear and tear. The innovative solution means you are able to organize production in a more flexible and future oriented manner. Simultaneously, it is possible to eliminate the need for consumables or to perform checks for breakage or damage, both of which are necessary when using other technologies.

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Application possibilities

In the automotive industry, clear and complete traceability of safety-relevant components must be guaranteed. Many materials in the automotive industry can be marked permanently and with a high contrast using laser technology.

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Since the requirements of industry need expert advice, the  Trotec Solutions Team are happy to help.

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