SpeedMark Laser Marking Software

for SpeedMarker galvo laser marking machines

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A single software for all work steps

Our multifunctional SpeedMark marking software was developed for automated marking processes. It provides program modules for all standard marking tasks, such as creating serial numbers or codes. These can be easily customized and compiled into tailor-made marking programs using graphical sequence controls. Our custom user interfaces enable easy direct input right up to fully automated marking while requiring no specialist programming knowledge. Our marking software runs on Windows and is available in a number of languages.

Highlights of the SpeedMark marking software

  • Simple, graphical program creation (combination of flowchart and graphic field)
  • Laser parameter finder for new applications and materials
  • Materials database for the maintenance of marking parameters
  • Automatic segmentation via axes
  • Camera aided positioning (SpeedMark Vision - Smart Adjust)
  • Code identification (SpeedMark Vision - Code Detection)

Customizable to your application

Using macros, the SpeedMark marking software can be customized and extended. This enables you to adapt the software perfectly to existing processes and components. SpeedMark offers unique opportunities, especially with regard to fully-automated marking processes

All features at a glance

Processing of

  • Text
  • Circular text
  • 1D and 2D codes
  • Graphics and photos
  • Different file formats

File formats

  • BMP, JPG, JPEG, DXF, DWG, PDF, PLT, CGM and many more.
  • Layer imports of graphics and PDFs (different layers)

Dynamic content

  • Serial numbers
  • Date formats
  • Time stamps
  • Automatic, continuous barcode generation
  • (Datamatrix) codes with variable content
  • Data from text files or databases
  • Data processing from ERP programs
  • Dynamic graphics imports

Automated program sequences

  • Simple, graphical program creation
  • Interaction with external interfaces
  • Program sequences and sub-programs
  • Intelligent and interactive sequence control with variable content
  • Dynamic size and positioning of text and graphics
  • Dynamic control of laser parameters

Differentiated user rights

  • A range of user rights
  • Custom user interface (“operator desktop”)
  • Password protection on multiple levels
  • Generation of user input (text input, selection fields)

External control

  • Up to 6 positioning axes
  • Rotary engraving device

SpeedMark Vision

  • Smart Adjust: Camera-assisted positioning
  • Print & Cut function: Registration mark detection

Other features

  • Logo mode
  • Cleaning function for greater contrast
  • Deep engraving function
  • Automatic segmentation for rotary engravings or linear axes
  • Materials database for laser parameters
  • Laser parameter finder
  • Laser simulator
  • Multiple language versions

Intelligent and interactive programs

The unique combination of flowchart (for program execution) and graphic field (for the marking) allows you to easily display complex program sequences that do not require any additional software packages.

Laser parameter finder

The laser parameter finder makes finding laser parameters for new applications and materials quick and easy. In addition to a static matrix with a fixed variable (frequency, speed or power) there is also a dynamic parameter matrix.

Materials database for laser parameters

Predefined, optimized laser parameters for the most common materials are not only individually expandable, they also facilitate the marking of commonly used materials and reduce waste.

Automatic segmentation via axes

SpeedMark allows you to control multiple axes (linear and rotational control). Use this feature to easily mark even very large components or many small parts in trays (linear segmentation) as well as round components (rotary engraving).