SpeedMark Marking Software

for Trotec galvo marking lasers

No software programming experience needed

Developed to support automated marking processes, the included SpeedMark® software provides program modules for typical marking tasks such as producing serial numbers or codes. The modules are
easy to adjust, and allow users to create custom marking programs using graphical flow control. From simple direct input to fully automated marking, everything is possible – with no need for any special
programming knowledge.

Highlights of the SpeedMark marking software

  • Simple, graphical program creation (combination of flowchart and graphic field)
  • Automatic, consecutive barcode generation
  • Customizable user interfaces
  • Material database for managing marking parameters
  • Management of various user rights
  • Interfaces to external systems such as databases
  • Deep engraving function and processing of dynamic data
  • Automatic segmentation via axes
  • Camera aided positioning

Reliable serial production thanks to secure user interfaces

In order to increase the efficiency and quality of individual work orders to a maximum, it is advisable to map the process using various scripting options by default. Once the process has been described in the scripting, only two things need to be considered after each further processing:
  1. insert the parts to be marked and
  2. press the start button.
Thus, the marking process can be reproduced identically by changing operators and error sources are reduced to a minimum. Standard software interfaces also help to eliminate unnecessary sources of error.

Benefits and features of SpeedMark® laser marking software

Complete design control of your marking program

With SpeedMark laser marking software, you have complete design control. Whether you are marking graphics, serial numbers or barcodes, SpeedMark offers a solution for nearly every task.
  • Dynamic Data: Serial numbers, date formats, time stamps, automatic sequential bar code generation with just one click
  • Different marking contents: Full or line text, circular text, 1-D and 2-D codes, graphics and photos, PDF documents with different layers
  • Import your data: Graphic files (jpg, bmp, etc.), DXF files and PDFs containing different layers.

Boost your productivity with graphical workflows

SpeedMark® supports you to create a workflow that suits your application perfectly, so you'll increase efficiency.
  • Drag&Drop of flow chart elements: SpeedMark represents complex program sequences in a simple way through its unique combination of flow chart for the program execution and a graphic field for marking.
  • Array function: If many small pieces need to be laser marked, SpeedMark has a workpiece carrier or template that makes it possible to mark them in just one pass.
  • Deep engraving function: Multiple processing passes as well as the adjustable focal distance guarantee deep engravings without refocusing.

Optimize your results

SpeedMark includes tolls that help you make a perfect mark on a wide range of materials.
  • Material database: The easiest start – just choose a ready to use pre-defined or your own parameter setting from the material database. With lots of parameters for different laser power and different lenses.
  • Cleaning function: This function improves readability of codes on metal surfaces by automatically increasing the contrast.
  • SpeedMark® Vision: This optional camera-assisted tool is used to position the marking on workpieces even more accurately and faster. It also helps avoiding expensive defective products thanks to the feature SmartAdjust.

Simplify and automate

You have a fixed workflow but now you want to protect it and make it easy to use for any operator? Or you have a more complex program?
  • Advanced Scripting: Visual basic based scripting solution connected to workflow elements and the ability to adapt code without compilation.
  • User screens: Create custom user screens from templates that are already connected to your program.
  • Connectivity: Communicate via Digital IO, RS232 or TCP/IP with other devices.

Marking on pre-defined 3D shapes

With the new 3D Software capabilities of SpeedMark 4.2 you can use the Speedmarker DS (dynamic shifter) as a high quality laser marker for 3D objects.
Marking of tilted planes, balls, bowls, cylinders and tubes can be done fast and easy. All with virtual rotary option - even for multiple objects in one single run

Intelligent and interactive programs

The unique combination of flowchart (for program execution) and graphic field (for the marking) allows you to easily display complex program sequences that do not require any additional software packages.

Laser parameter finder

The laser parameter finder makes finding laser parameters for new applications and materials quick and easy. In addition to a static matrix with a fixed variable (frequency, speed or power) there is also a dynamic parameter matrix.

Parameter Database for less wastage when setting up new materials

The SpeedMark® software has a large pool of predefined materials and the associated parameters for laser marking. This allows to produce a high quality laser marking in a short time without many unsuccessful attempts. For very demanding materials, this collection of parameters serves as a guideline.

Automatic segmentation via axes

SpeedMark allows you to control multiple axes (linear and rotational control). Use this feature to easily mark even very large components or many small parts in trays (linear segmentation) as well as round components (rotary engraving).
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