Laser marking of electronic components

Light switches, housings and electronic components can be marked quickly, easily and directly using the laser machine.

Electronic components
Marking of light switches, housings and electronic components.

How you can use a laser machine to label electronic components.

Products for the electronics industry are usually manufactured fully automatically and in mass production. Components need to be labeled with a lot of information. Small, complex 2D data matrix codes are used, for example, and must be easily and permanently legible.

The laser marking of electronic components is high-contrast, permanent and very fast. Control cabinet components, electrical housings and electronic components can be marked without consumables.

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Why the laser marking of electronic components makes sense. A comparison of these technologies.

Application examples of the laser marking of electronic components.

How a laser machine reduces process costs in manufacturing.

If laser technology is used in manufacturing, costs can be reduced many times over. These examples show the savings per marking or over the investment period. Good to know: The laser costs include the investment costs and the running costs.

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Which laser machine is needed for marking electronic components?

The SpeedMarker series offers permanent, contactless and direct laser marking of dynamic data at the lowest possible cost. The laser marking machines of laser class 2 can quickly and easily mark plastics or metals for traceability in manufacturing. 

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Laser marking system for component marking

What our customers say.

“As well as improving the quality of the cut and being able to take on a wider range of custom orders, our SP2000 laser cutters have enabled us to make acrylic tools for our other pieces of equipment in-house. We’ve also been able to eliminate working with machine shops to produce molds and prototypes for new projects. Now we’re able to manufacture these parts on our own laser machines in record time!”

Jeff Schuch, Mike Schuch & Jeff Green

Production & Development Manager - President, CEO of Graffiti Shield

“A laser cutting machine has many advantages, everyone knows that. But productivity and efficiency are crucial to a company’s success. Customers expect high quality as well as fast and punctual delivery. Downtime is unacceptable. Therefore, when buying a laser system, it’s important to consider not only the performance of the system itself, but also the service and support provided by the supplier.”

Alexander Evenhuis

Managing Director of Tapir

"Our Trotec helps us fulfill customer needs a lot faster!”

Tom Whipple


FAQs about laser marking electronic components.

Which electronic components are laser marked?


How does the laser marking of electronic components work?


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