SpeedMark Vision - Smart Adjust

Camera assisted positioning for laser marking

SpeedMark Vision – Smart Adjust is a camera assisted positioning tool which allows for precise laser marking of components. The HD camera shows a live image of the marking area within the SpeedMark laser software. Users can easily position the text using "drag & drop" directly onto the work piece. This reduces the time spent manually positioning the work piece.

User friendly laser marking with the zoom function

The zoom function allows you to visualise every component, allowing for precise laser marking results on even the smallest components.

From radial text to geometrical shapes, laser marking allows you to achieve detailed results on various components. Smart Adjust enables the user to see a live preview on the screen, helping them to place the marking correctly and to monitor it, making the first marking accurately placed without any material waste.

Fast and economic laser marking

You can place your mark accurately on your component with laser marking, which offers several benefits, including:

  • Minimised efforts to adjust
  • Easy to use
  • Highest precision even when marking small parts
  • Less waste due to no "trial and error process"
  • More profitability thanks to the accuracy of the process
  • More productivity due to user friendly software