Pass-through for Speedy 400 and SP500


Pass-through makes it possible to engrave or cut very long and bulky parts and boards using your laser. Thanks to pass-through, it is now possible to work on materials and workpieces which exceed the actual size of your machine. With it, you will be able to mark and engrave doors, wooden wall panels, stainless steel plates, lift panels and garage gate segments, hugely increasing the versatility of your laser.

Please note: when this option is installed, your laser machine will be classified under laser safety class 4.

Coiled textile

Coiled textile webs can also be processed using the pass-through. You can make this process even easier with an automatic uncoiling unit and conveyor belt. This is the ideal solution for laser cutting textiles.

Available for 

Maximum dimensions:

Model Max. width Max. height Max. length
Speedy 400 1045 mm
100 mm
Speedy 400 flexx 1045 mm
100 mm
SP500 1400 mm
63 mm

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