Pass-through for Speedy 400 and SP500

Maximize laser engraving capabilities

Process larger items with pass-through feature

The pass through option available for our Speedy 400 and SP500 is a small door that you can open to allow larger materials to "pass through." This feature allows you to laser engrave or cut very long and bulky parts and boards larger tahn your work area. This feature broadens your processing capabilities, allowing you to mark and engrave items like doors, wooden wall panels, stainless steel plates, lift panels or garage gate segments, and more. Once installed, the pass through option changes the laser machine's safety classification from laser safety class 2 to laser safety class 4. More on laser safety classifications

Options for laser cutting coiled items

The pass through feature can also be an efficient solution for cutting coiled textile webs. You could take it a step further and maximize efficiency by integrating an automatic uncoiling unit and a conveyor belt.

Available for 

Maximum dimensions:

Model Max. width Max. heigth Max. length
Speedy 400 41 in.
3.9 in.
Speedy 400 flexx 41 in.
3.9 in.
SP500 55 in.
2.5 in.

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