Proven fastest laser engraver on the market

Highest productivity in engraving.

Optimized to achieve the highest quality results at even higher speeds, the new Speedy 400 is the fastest and most productive mid-size laser engraver in the industry. The new model produces high-quality results even at its maximum engraving speed of 170 inches per second – which is 30 inches per second faster than the previous model. 

The highest productivity in laser engraving

Speedy machines are the fastest laser engravers on the market. With an engraving speed of 4.3 m/s and an acceleration of 5g, they outperform competitors. This is made possible by two real innovations from the Trotec development team: an innovative motion system and a revolutionary drive concept. What does that mean for you the user? Most efficient production, highest throughput and thus maximum profit with impeccable quality.

Eight times faster laser cutting with OptiMotionTM

Maximum laser cutting speed with the highest cutting quality – this is what OptiMotionTM motion control stands for. The new, innovative Trotec path planning system is featured in the new Speedy 400. Up to eight times faster when laser cutting than comparable laser machines on the market, the Speedy 400 is the first Trotec machine to feature OptiMotionTM. With this feature the laser cutting speed and acceleration are calculated and optimised in real time based on the geometry. OptiMotionTM delivers high quality in curves and maximum throughput on laser jobs.

Tests with comparative laser machines have shown that laser cutting jobs can be completed up to eight times faster using the new Speedy 400, thanks to OptiMotionTM. The comparison between the Speedy 400 and two matching competitor machines is based on the acceptable quality of the application. Comparing these jobs shows that if you aim to get similar quality output, the competitor machines are not as fast as Speedy 400. As a result only a fraction of the application is produced at the same time.

Trotec Speedy 400

100% finished

Competitor 1

29% finished

Competitor 2

12% finished

While the application of the rectangle with rounded edges is 100% finished with the Speedy 400, the application is only 29% finished using competitor 1 and 12% using competitor 2. This showcases that the Speedy 400 with OptiMotionTM is more than 3.5 times faster than Competitor 1 and more than 8 times faster than Competitor 2 while delivering similar quality output.

Trotec Speedy 400

100% finished

Competitor 1

44% finished

Competitor 2

15% finished

 The letter application, "cmyk" shows similar results. While the job is 100% finished using the Speedy 400, it is only 44% finished at competitor 1 and 15% finished at competitor 2. This makes the Speedy 400 is 2.3 times faster than competitor 1 and 6.5 times faster than competitor 2.

No speed parameter search – save valuable time when preparing laser files preparation

OptiMotionTM automatically searches for optimal speed parameters. In other words: The operator only needs to determine the power and speed required to cut through the material - regardless of the laser cutting geometry. When processing the job, OptiMotion™ adjusts the speed and acceleration in real time depending on the geometry. This can save valuable time for the operator when preparing files. Moreover thanks to this innovation, speed parameter determination became a very convenient process.

In the laser job without OptiMotionTM 7 different speed and power parameters are needed to maximise the processing speed. In the job using OptiMotionTM only one parameter - the power to cut through the material - needs to be determined and then OptiMotionTM does the rest. OptiMotionTM is slightly faster in the laser process but the real time saving is in no need to search for the parameters. For example, if a user can save 15min for parameter finding once a day, they can save 1 hour and 15 min per week (5 days per week) and 58hours in a year which is more than a week a year.

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