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Highest productivity in engraving.

Optimized to achieve the highest quality results at even higher speeds, the new Speedy 400 is the fastest and most productive mid-size laser engraver in the industry. The new model produces high-quality results even at its maximum engraving speed of 170 inches per second – which is 30 inches per second faster than the previous model. 

Exceptional Quality at Top Processing Speeds

Trotec's Speedy 400 laser system is optimized to achieve high-quality results when operating at maximum speed levels. This model is the quickest and most productive mid-size laser engraver on the market. The new Speedy 400 has a maximum engraving speed of 170 inches per second (ips) – which is 30 ips faster than the previous version of the model.

Cut up to 8 Times Faster with OptiMotion™

Trotec's innovative OptiMotion™ path planning technology allows the Speedy 400 to cut materials up to 8 times faster than comparable laser machines. Without decreasing output quality, OptiMotion™ automatically calculates the optimal cutting speed and acceleration in real time based on your design's geometry.

Tests involving the Speedy 400 and two competitors' laser systems reveal how the Speedy 400 to more quickly produce output of a similar quality. 

Trotec Speedy 400

100% finished

Competitor 1

29% finished

Competitor 2

12% finished

While Trotec's Speedy 400 has fully completed processing the application, Competitors 1 and 2 are have only respectively completed 29% and 12% of the job. In other words, the Speedy 400 with OptiMotion™ is more than 3.5 times faster than Competitor 1, and more than 8 times faster than Competitor 2.

Trotec Speedy 400

100% finished

Competitor 1

44% finished

Competitor 2

15% finished

This second experiment yields similar results. While the Speedy 400 has finished cutting the lettering, Competitor 1 is only at the 44% completion mark, and Competitor 2 is only 15% done. Thus, the Speedy 400 took 2.3 times less time than Competitor 1, and 6.5 less time than Competitor 2 to complete this application.

Optimal Speed Parameters Determined Automatically

When processing a job, Trotec's OptiMotion™ technology automatically adjusts the laser's speed and acceleration in real time. Regardless of the design's contours, the laser operator simply needs to select the appropriate speed and power settings needed to cut through the material.

In the example above, without the use of OptiMotionTM, 7 distinct speed and power parameters are needed to minimize the job time. In contrast, if OptiMotionTM is enabled, only one parameter - the power to cut through the material - needs to be determined, and then OptiMotionTM does the rest. In addition to OptiMotionTM  providing faster laser processing results, substantial time savings are achieved because laser operators need not manually determine and assign the processing parameters for each job. For instance, if an operator can save 15 minutes per day by not having to input individual speed and power parameters, they can save 1 hour and 15 minutes per 5-day workweek. Annually, these time savings total 58 hours, which is more than a week per year!

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