Proven Fastest Laser Engraver in Its Class

  • Engraving speed of up to 4.32 m/s
  • HDLR Technology™ ensures precision at high speed
  • OptiMotion™ provides up to 8 x faster cutting

Laser engraving: unrivaled speed and productivity

Acknowledged as the swiftest laser plotter available, Speedy laser machines boast industry-leading productivity, setting the bar for engraving efficiency. These mid-size laser engravers are meticulously optimized to deliver top-tier quality results even at exceptional speeds, making them the fastest in their class. With the capability to maintain high-quality output at maximum engraving speeds of up to 4.32 meters per second, they offer unmatched productivity. Furthermore, the integration of HDLR Technology™ guarantees the utmost precision, ensuring that even the minutest of details and letters remain sharp and distinct, even when operating at high speeds.

Revolutionizing laser cutting

OptiMotion™ unleashes unprecedented speed

OptiMotion™, the groundbreaking Trotec path planning system, redefines laser cutting with its unrivaled efficiency. It represents the pinnacle of cutting speed while maintaining the highest quality. Speedy 360 and 400, equipped with OptiMotion™, achieve cutting speeds up to eight times faster than comparable laser machines available. OptiMotion™ harnesses real-time calculations and optimizations based on the geometry, ensuring excellence in curves and maximizing throughput. Comparative trials with rival machines demonstrate that OptiMotion™ can complete cutting tasks up to eight times faster, while maintaining acceptable quality.

Eliminating the need for speed parameter search: streamlining laser file preparation

OptiMotion™ revolutionizes laser file preparation by automatically seeking optimal speed parameters. This means the operator only needs to specify the power and speed required to cut through the material, regardless of the cutting geometry. During job processing, OptiMotion™ dynamically adjusts speed and acceleration based on the geometry, saving valuable time for laser file preparation. With this innovation, determining speed parameters becomes exceptionally convenient. In a laser job without OptiMotion™, seven different speed and power parameters are required to maximize speed. In contrast, when utilizing OptiMotion™, only one parameter—the power to cut through the material—needs to be determined, leaving OptiMotion™ to handle the rest. While OptiMotion™ marginally expedites the laser process, the real time saved lies in the elimination of parameter search. For example, by saving 15 minutes on parameter discovery once a day, a user can reclaim 1 hour and 15 minutes each week (across 5 working days), totaling 58 hours annually (over 200 workdays), equivalent to over a week's worth of saved time per year.

Compare Trotec laser with competitors :

  • While the application of the rectangulars with rounded edges is 100% finished at Trotec Speedy 400, the application is finished only for 29% at competitor 1 and 12% at competitor 2. It shows that Speedy 400 with OptiMotionTM is more than 3,5 times faster than Competitor 1 and more than 8 times faster than Competitor 2 by delivering similar quality output.

Trotec Speedy 400

100% finished

Competitor 1

29% finished

Competitor 2

12% finished

  • The application of the lettering "cmyk" shows similar results. While the job is 100% finished at Trotec Speedy 400, the application is finished only for 44% at competitor 1 and 15% at competitor 2. In other words, Trotec Speedy 400 is 2,3 times faster that competitor 1 and 6,5 times faster than competitor 2.

Trotec Speedy 400

100% finished

Competitor 1

44% finished

Competitor 2

15% finished

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