Automatic focusing

The correct focus setting is the distance between the laser head and the material which you are laser cutting and engraving. Accuracy is key to achieving the best results possible when laser processing, which is why Trotec offer several focus modes:

Sonar Technology

Sonar Technology TM eliminates the need to use a focus tool to focus your laser, offering the highest level of accuracy when focusing on every area of the laser machine bed. Simply press the z-positioning keys and an ultrasonic sensor on the laser head will detect the surface of the material being processed. The z-axis will move into the appropriate position as the focal point is automatically calculated. It’s flexibility and ease of use make Sonar Technology TM a very efficient focus mode (Patent pending).

In addition, it is possible to focus the laser using an integrated light bar focus, the material thickness or manually using focus tools.

Light Bar Focus

The light bar focus is based on light barriers (sensors) which are laterally installed in the laser machine cabinet. Once the focus mode is enabled on the keyboard of the laser machine the laser bed begins to move up automatically. The bed will stop moving once the material to be processed passes the light barriers. This means that the correct focal point has been calculated and you can begin laser cutting and engraving.

This method of focusing is perfectly suited to flat, opaque materials where the operator does not know the material thickness.

Software Focus

In “software focus” the focal point is calculated in the JobControl laser software. To do this enter the material thickness and the lens used into your laser software. The computer knows what the height of the laser work table is due to bi-directional connection. To focus the table will move to the correct position with the press of a button based on the information that the operator has provided within the software.

Software focus is perfect to use when you are processing materials and know their thickness, such as 3mm MDF.  

Focus Tool

Every focus tool is colour coded and is pre-set to the focal length of its corresponding lens. Using the focus tool is easy. The operator attaches the tool to the laser head and then uses the laser machine’s keypad to adjust the height of the bed manually until the tool touches the material being processed. This means that the focus point is set. This method of focusing is fast and flexible and is especially suitable for companies who process a variety of different materials and when the thickness is unknown or when processing cylindrical objects.  

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