Automatic focusing

Focus modes for precise laser engraving and cutting

The correct setting of the focus - which means the right distance between the laser head and the material to be engraved - is crucial in order to achieve best application results.

Sonar Technology™

Our patented Sonar Technology™ is the simplest method for digital focusing on the workpiece surface with laser engravers. It determines this distance precisely and efficiently at each position on the work table. At the touch of a button, the ultrasonic sensor on the laser head detects the surface of the workpiece. The focus point is thus automatically detected, and the working table then automatically moves into the correct focus position.

You can also focus your laser using an integrated light bar focus, the material thickness, or manually with the aid of focus tools.

Light Bar Focus

This focus mode is based on sensors (light barriers) installed laterally in the enclosure. The processing table starts moving up automatically as soon as this focus mode is enabled on the keyboard of the laser system. The upward movement of the table stops as soon as the inserted material passes through the light barriers. The correct focal point is then calculated and you can start the laser process.

The Light Bar Focus is ideal for flat, opaque materials where the material thickness is unknown.

Software Focus

With this focus method, the optimal focus point is calculated in the JobControl Software. In the software, you enter the material thickness and the lens used. Thanks to the bi-directional communication, the computer always knows exactly at what height the work table is positioned. Based on the information you entered in the software, the table moves to the correct position with only one press of a button.  

This focus mode is ideal for processing of materials of which the material thickness is known.

Focus Tool

Each focus tool is pre-set to the focal length of the corresponding lens and is appropriately color coded. The operator simply hangs the focus tool on the laser head, and then moves the working table manually until the surface of the workpiece to be engraved touches the focus tool. Now the right focus point is set. This focus mode is fast and flexible. This method is especially useful when you work with a lot of different materials, if the material thickness is unknown or can not be measured, and for cylindrical objects.

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