First steps with your Trotec Laser

Making sure that your system has been properly installed prior to starting it up for the first time is one of the most important steps that should never be overlooked. This tutorial will help you with getting your Trotec Laser started.

laser machine start-up

Complete the following measures prior to machine operation:

  • Verify that all machine connections (exhaust system, power supply, PC) are positioned properly and plugged in correct areas.
  • Ensure that the laser system is in good condition by performing a visual inspection. Validate that all mechanisms can operate freely, and check under the processing table to confirm that there is no excess materials.
  • The machines work area and optics should be thoroughly cleaned. (For additional information on care and cleaning instructions, visit the “Regular Maintenance” section of your operating manual.
  • Inspect the exhaust system and activate the cooling system when necessary
  • Verify that the filters and activated carbon of the machines exhaust system are loaded as indicated.
  • Close the protective cover. 

For machines that are water-cooled, turn the cooling system on prior to operating the laser machine.

switching on the laser machine

Machine activation procedure:

  • Turn the main power supply of the laser machine to the on position by activating the main switch. 
  • In the control panel (varies by machine), turn the key switch on.
  • If the machine cover is securely closed and positioned properly, the system will begin referencing upon startup. 
  • Once the laser system is turned on, the processing table moves downward and the process head aligns with the zero point which can be located in the upper left corner.
  • When an audible acoustic sound is heard and the LED lights flash in a slow and steady pattern, the machine is ready for operation and the referencing process has completed correctly.

Are you have problems with the laser referencing incorrectly? Here you can find  Troubleshooting instructions

atmos exhaust collage

Follow these steps prior to switching on the exhaust system:

The bi-directional control (connecting cable) of the atmos exhaust system communicates directly with the Trotec JobControl®, SpeedMark or DirectMark software. The exhaust system is simultaneously activated at the start of the laser processing and stops when the laser job ends. If a different exhaust system is used, please switch it on and off manually before laser processing.

To maximize extraction performance, we recommend adjusting the lead and follow-up times of your exhaust system depending on the material being processed. Custom lead and follow-up times can be created and managed in the JobControl® software under Settings > Options > Hardware > Exhaust system > Lead time / Follow-up time. By adapting this process to each specific material, any dust accumulated at the beginning and end of a job will be completely extracted by the exhaust system. This is especially important for applications where the materials create excessive smoke or debris.

switching on the laser machine

Follow these steps prior to switching off the laser machine:

  • On the control panel (if any), turn the key switch on which is located to the left.
  • Press the main switch which will disconnect the main power supply.

Looking for additional help or more information?

If you are having trouble with switching your machine on/off or the system is incorrectly referencing, then please reach out to our highly-qualified Technical Support team.

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