What should you look out for when you are setting up your new laser machine and learning how to do daily tasks? Read more about getting started with your Trotec Laser.

Take the following measures before commissioning your laser machine:

  1. Check that all connections of the laser machine (power supply, PC, exhaust system) are correct and properly plugged in.
  2. Perform a visual inspection of the laser machine's condition. Make sure that all mechanisms move freely and check that there are no materials under the processing table.
  3. Make sure that the work area and the optics are clean, and clean them, if necessary. (Further information on this issue can be found in the operating manual under Regular maintenance).
  4. Check the exhaust system and activate the cooling system, if necessary.
  5. Check to see if the filters and the activated carbon of the exhaust system are loaded as indicated.
  6. Close the protective cover.

Proceed as follows before switching on the laser machine:

  1. If you have a water-cooled laser, switch on the cooling system before switching on the laser machine.
  2. Switch on the main power supply of the laser machine by pressing the main switch.
  3. Turn the key switch on the control panel (machine-specific).
  4. If all covers secured with safety circuit breakers are closed, the system will start referencing right after the startup.
  5. When the laser machine is switched on, the processing table moves all the way down and the processing head moves to the zero point (you will find the point in the upper left corner).
  6. As soon as the referencing process has been correctly completed with an acoustic sound and the slow and steady flashing of the LED lights, the machine is ready for operation.
Is the laser referencing incorrectly? Here you can find Troubleshooting instructions.

Proceed as follows before switching on the exhaust system:

The bi-directional control (connecting cable) of the atmos exhaust system communicates directly with the Trotec JobControl®, SpeedMark or DirectMark software. The exhaust system is simultaneously activated at the start of the laser processing and stops when the laser job ends. If a different exhaust system is used, please switch it on and off manually before laser processing. To ensure proper extraction performance, we recommend that you adjust the lead and follow-up times of the exhaust system, depending on the material. You can customize the lead and follow-up times in the JobControl® under Settings > Options > Hardware > Exhaust system > Lead time / Follow-up time. This ensures that, for example, when processing materials with critical smoke emission, the exhaust system runs at 100% output to completely extract the dust at the beginning / the end of processing.
If you are using a cooling system, activate it before you start laser processing. If you reverse the procedure, the laser machine will not start and reference.
After activating the cooling system, proceed as described above to switch on the laser machine.

Proceed as follows before switching off the laser machine:

  1. Turn the key switch on the control panel (if any) to the left.
  2. Disconnect the main power supply of the machine by pressing the main switch.

Tips & Tricks for working with the laser

Read our Handbook for Engravers to find a first overview of the variety of materials such as wood, glass, leather, acrylic, rubber, stone, etc., which can be processed with the laser machine. Furthermore, you can learn about some of the applications, such as signs, stamps, souvenirs and many more, which can be produced with Trotec Laser. It also contains Tips & Tricks on how to use software and hardware. This compact guide will help you get started in the engraving business. Download Handbook for Engravers

Do you need help or more information?

Are you still having trouble switching the machine on or off? Or the machine references incorrectly? Then please contact our Technical Support. We will take care of the problem and find a solution quickly. Contact us

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