First steps with your Trotec Laser

What should you pay attention to when setting up your new laser machine and learning how to perform daily tasks? Keep reading to learn about how to get started with your Trotec Laser.


Take the following measures before doing a job with your laser machine:

  1. Check to make sure that all connections (power supply, PC, exhaust system) are right and properly plugged in.
  2. Do a visual inspection of the laser machine. Be sure that all mechanisms can move freely and that there aren't any materials under the processing table.
  3. Check that the work area and optics are clean, cleaning them if required. (Further advice on cleaning can be found in the operating manual under Regular Maintenance)
  4. Check on the exhaust system and start the cooling system if it's necessary
  5. Verify that the exhaust system's filters and activated carbon are loaded as needed.
  6. Close the protective cover.
switch on laser machine

Proceed as follows before switching on the laser machine:

  1. If your laser is water-cooled, turn on the cooling system before the machine.
  2. Turn on the main power supply by pressing the main switch.
  3. Turn the key switch on the control panel (machine-specific).
  4. If every cover that has safety circuit breakers is closed, the system will start referencing immediately after startup.
  5. When the machine is turned on, the processing table moves to the bottom and the processing head goes to the origin (in the upper left corner)
  6. The moment that the referencing process is complete, a sound will play and the LED lights will slowly flash. The machine is now ready to be used.

If the laser is not referencing properly, please see Troubleshooting instructions.

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