Vision Design & Position: Speedy Run on Ruby® can now also see.

Thanks to Vision Design & Position camera-assisted design and job positioning directly on the workpiece in Ruby® Laser Software.

Trotec Laser follows its mission to make the work of each laser user easier, faster and more profitable. The Vision Design & Position option for the Speedy 360 and Speedy 400, with a 12-megapixel camera cleverly integrated into the lid of the laser engraver, offers a view into the processing area and the workpiece in a matter of seconds. The intelligent design shows the working area with the lid closed and open (patent pending).

This feature is optimally supported by the Ruby® laser software. This is supplied free of charge with the Speedy laser engraver and shows the high-resolution image of the camera on the screen. With Ruby you can:

  • create designs live in Ruby® - directly with a view of the workpiece
  • quickly and correctly position existing designs on residual material or objects
  • Reduce the time from workpiece to finished product

Speedy Run on Ruby® laser machines (with touch display) can be upgraded with Vision Design & Position.

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Additionally, Trotec has expanded Ruby® Laser Software with new features. Ruby® can be installed and used free of charge by all Trotec Speedy customers. This means that customers with Trotec Speedy laser machines can install Ruby® free of charge and use it in full operation.

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