Atmos Laser Machine Exhaust systems

Exhaust systems for Trotec laser machines

The Atmos laser exhaust system ensures safe and clean operation of your laser system when laser cutting, engraving and marking. DUring processing, the exhaust removes dust and gas from the processing space and filters odours that are produced during laser processing through its activated carbon filters. The Atmos laser exhaust system facilitates the best possible laser engraving and laser cutting quality.

With Atmos exhaust systems, Trotec are setting standards in user friendliness, efficiency and low laser maintenance costs.

Laser cutting, engraving and marking: An exhaust system for every application

By choosing the right exhaust system, you not only ensure the safe operation of your laser machine, you are guaranteeing a long service life. All atmos exhausts are optimally integrated with our laser machines.

Atmos Nano

Atmos Nano

Compact and easy to transport, ideal for fiber laser engraving and marking applications where particularly small dust particles and minimal odour are produced.

Atmos Compact

Atmos Compact

Forms a single unit with smaller laser machines and devices and simultaneously functions as a support frame. Ideal for applications where low levels of dust are produced.

Atmos Mono

Atmos Mono

Stand-alone version with one turbine for applications with medium levels of dust.

​Atmos Mono Plus

Atmos Mono Plus

Stand-alone version with one turbine and two activated carbon Comfort Bags,. This exhaust system is perfect for applications which are odour-intensive and produce medium levels of dust.

​Atmos Duo Plus

Atmos Duo Plus

Stand-alone version with two turbines and two activated carbon Comfort Bags, perfect for odour-intensive applications and high levels of dust.

* Without vacuum table
** Without table exhaust

Atmos Pre-filters for high-dust laser engraving and cutting applications

The use of a pre-filter is recommended for applications when laser engraving and laser cutting materials produces large amounts of dust, for example engraving wood or stamp rubber. The pre-filter is positioned between the laser machine and the exhaust system. It ensures that coarse particles and dust are separated from the exhaust air before entering the filter of the laser exhaust system. Not only increases the service life of your exhaust system significantly, it reduces additional costs for replacement filters.

In applications where particularly tenacious particles are produced, such as laser cutting acrylic, the pre-filter can be equipped with an additive dosage unit which prolongs the service life of the filter.

VENT exhaust fan for efficient removal of gas and dust

Vent series fans ensure efficient removal of dust and gases that do not require filtering. If you opt for this exhaust system, it is important to bear in mind that dust particles are not cleaned nor odours filtered. Should a filtering exhaust system be required at a later stage, we offer suitable exhaust systems that include a filter from the Atmos series.

The fans are designed in aluminum silicon alloy cast or steel plate therefore ensuring long-term, robust and failure-free operation when laser cutting and engraving.

Atmos laser exhaust systems: intelligent, economical and clean

Automatic power control: The exhaust rate is adjusted automatically depending on the saturation of the filter. Gas and dust are optimally extracted for all applications at any time and a constant airflow is guaranteed.

Bi-directional control: Atmos laser machine exhaust systems communicate with Trotec JobControl®, SpeedMark or DirectMark laser software. The software starts automatically once laser processing has begun, and stops as soon as the job is finished. Processing notifications and warnings are displayed in the software.

Convenient filter exchange: Replacing filter units and activated carbon is easy, clean and convenient. The innovative design allows you to replace the entire filter on your exhaust system in just a few movements.

Digital control panel: The control panel can be accessed easily and conveniently at any time. Its display shows filter saturation, air flow, operating hours and speed range.

Economic operation: The Atmos laser exhaust systems are equipped with brushless continuous flow turbines which are completely maintenance-free. In addition, the continuous fresh air cooling ensures maximum operating life.

Energy-saving mode: The Trotec JobControl® laser software can be used to set the running time of the turbines pre and post job completion the laser engraving process. The exhaust power is adjusted reliably and saves valuable energy and money by automated switch-on times.