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Why you need an Atmos laser exhaust system for your laser machine.

This convenient exhaust system ensures the safe and clean operation of your laser system. It reliably removes dust and gases from the work area and filters out all odors that are created during the laser processing with its activated carbon filter. The Atmos exhaust system helps to deliver the best possible engraving and cutting quality.

With Atmos, Trotec sets standards in terms of user-friendliness, efficiency and low maintenance costs. The right exhaust system ensures a longer service life and protects the laser lenses.

Atmos exhaust systems – sustainably better.

Because the laser machine and exhaust system are perfectly matched.

The interaction between material, laser machine, engraving and exhaust system is optimal. Productive from the first hour. The optimal coordination results in a long service life of the machine and the dust is transported away safely - free of harmful substances. The operator can work safely and only needs a minimal amount of time for cleaning.

Because the running costs of the Trotec exhaust systems are low.

Thanks to brushless turbines, there are no costs for repair or replacement. The use of highly resistant filters enables the longest possible service life. The added bonus: The exhaust system is only in operation when the laser is actually in use. This means that the exhaust system is used carefully and the service life is increased.

Because the service life of the Trotec exhaust systems is impressive.

Durability and conscious use of resources: You save energy with the recirculation mode: The ambient air remains in the room and no heating air is lost. The durable filters, which are produced in Germany, rarely need to be replaced and are completely incinerable. This means that there is less waste and if they need to be replaced, they can be disposed of in general waste and there’s no need to dispose of special waste.

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Continuous exhaust system.

Let the volume and the negative pressure of your exhaust system be regulated automatically. The FlowControl functionality keeps the volume flow rate constant depending on the degree of filter contamination. This ensures perfect laser results and little waste.

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function regulated

Safe extraction during laser operation.

Start and stop your exhaust system automatically with the laser job. When the filters are full, a warning is issued and the system can’t be started. This means that there is no contamination of the interior and sensitive components such as lenses and mirrors stay clean.

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unit with the laser clean

A view of everything.

See all operating data such as filter saturation, exhaust system power, number of operating hours and volume flow rate on the digital display. Easily, ergonomically and comfortably visible at working height.

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interface parameters at a glance

Economic use

Save money by using durable brushless continuous-run turbines in your exhaust system. Completely maintenance-free, temperature-stable thanks to fresh air cooling and optimally protected from dust. This guarantees a maximum service life.

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times longer average service life maintenance

Everything filtered.

Filter a wide variety of dusts from the most popular laser applications with the comfort box F9 filter. Your operators can work safely because pollutants are reliably separated. Due to the long service life of the high-quality filter, which is produced in Germany, the running operating costs are minimal.

application possibilities filter

More features of our exhaust systems

Energy saved.

The exhaust system runs exactly when the laser process needs it.

Filters easily replaced.

In just a few movements, you can replace the entire filter on your exhaust system thanks to the innovative design.

Real-time filter level indicator

Timely replacement of the filter for safe operation.

Large amounts of dust extracted.

Optionally, pre-separators can be installed to filter large amounts of dust.

Safely divert process air

All stand-alone machines in the Atmos series can, by default, be connected to an external exhaust system.

Optimized sound level.

Ensures the further reduction of operating noise and makes the Atmos exhaust systems even quieter.

Properly filtered.

Choice between F9 comfort box, HEPA filter and bag filter - the right filter for every application.

Sophisticated technology

Reliable operation, longest service life and lowest maintenance costs thanks to reliable Austrian mechanical engineering.

More space in the workshop

Optimal ratio between the machine size and the work area means more flexibility and less space is required.

Safe according to CE

Our machines meet all official requirements and can therefore be put into operation safely.

An overview of the Atmos laser exhaust systems.

  Atmos Nano Atmos Cube Atmos Mono Atmos Duo Plus Atmos PowerJet
Design Extremely compact Support frame Stand alone Free-standing High volume
Volume flow rate 200m³/h 200m³/h 200m³/h 400m³/h 2,500m³/h
Filter area 3.6m² 6.8m² 6.8m² 6.8m² 40m²
Activated carbon amount 2.2kg 9kg 9kg 18kg 76kg

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