SP Series Laser cutting machines

Large format laser cutting machines

SP series laser cutting machines

Ideal for large format CO2 laser cutting applications, SP Series laser cutting systems are highly efficient and ideal for demanding laser cutting jobs. This includes plastics, woods, textiles and much more.
SP Series laser cutters are 100% developed and manufactured in Austria.

mm inch
Laser type: CO₂ laser
Work area: 1245 x 710 up to 3250 x 3210 mm
Max. workpiece height: 50 - 112 mm
Laser power: 40 - 400 watts

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Large format laser cutting acrylic

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The advantages of SP Series laser cutters

SP laser cutters: Highest level of productivity and user friendliness

Trotec CO2 laser cutter machines are designed for fast and precise processing of large-format materials. With the highest laser cutting speed available on all models, four-sides access and Tandem Assist on the SP2000 and SP3000, SP laser cutters ensure maximum productivity. The entire working area can be used reducing downtime. Seamless integration of the laser cutting system into your workflow is possible thanks to high RIP and CAD compatibility.

The benefits of four-sides access

Highest laser cut quality, regardless of application

The unique, multifunctional table concept for SP series laser cutting machines was developed by Trotec, allowing the ideal table for every application to be easily selected and replaced. This quick process ensures that little time is wasted during production. Additional functions for outstanding laser cutting quality include an exhaust system located directly at the work head, a sectioned exhaust system at the processing table, as well as the option of digital regulation of the compressed air. From laser cutting acrylic to woods and even paper and textiles, you can achieve the same great cut on your material.

Find out more: Multifunctional table concept

Reliable, low maintenance laser cutting

The movement system, the drive design, the electronics and the processing head, as well as the CeramiCore® laser source offer the highest quality components and the best performance. With Trotec InPack TechnologyTM, all sensitive laser cutting system components, such as lenses, mirrors or motors, are protected from dust.

The Trotec safety concept ensures optimum operator protection while operating a class 2 laser device, while customised service packages guarantee 24/7 operation.

Discover the Trotec safety concept

Technical Data - Laser Cutters

mm inch
  • CO2
  SP500 SP1500 SP2000​ SP3000 SP4000
Work area 1245 x 710 mm 1500 x 1250 mm 1680 x 2510 mm 2210 x 3210 mm 3250 x 3210 mm
Max. workpiece height 112 mm 53 mm 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm
Laser power - CO2 40 - 200 watts 60 - 400 watts 60 - 400 watts 60 - 400 watts 100 - 400 watts
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