Launching Now! Ruby® 2.4

Bitmap tracing.

With this intelligent function bitmaps like logos can be converted into vectors, giving your artwork clear, sharp edges. These vectorised images can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. Furthermore tracing the "outer contour only" allows quick creation of cut lines for designs and enhanced productivity in laser processing.

Advanced Array function.

With the improved array function, it is now easier and faster to create and arrange multiple copies of designs in a job. Simply enter the total number of copies and how to arrange them. Filling up the entire workbench can be done with a single click. Page limits can be set via the anchor points. Individual elements can be removed as required.

Align designs on the prepare screen automatically.

Designs on the prepare screen are now positioned next to each other, while previously it was always at the 0/0 position.

Change properties on multiple text objects.

For increased productivity you can change the properties of multiple selected text objects at once, saving clicks and time. 

Additional improvements in version 2.4:

  • Paste images from PC clipboard to Ruby® laser software
  • Value zero for line scaling is now possible
  • Improved tooltips explaining what a tool is about
  • Direct link to release notes in the update information box
  • Job time calculation is possible with the machine switched off

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