Valentines day card made with LaserPaper

Valentine's Day Card

Step-by-step tutorial

Create the perfect card for that special someone. Trotec's LaserPaper is available from the engraving supplies webshop.

Required materials:

  • 1 sheet of Trotec LaserPaper (any colour you like)

Laser machine used:

  • Speedy 360, 80 Watt with 1.5" lens
  • Vacuum table and honeycomb cutting table

Any Speedy laser engraver can create this sample.


Use the 1.5 inch lens if your design has intricate cutting edges like our graphic.

Step by Step

Step 1: Importing the design

Begin by importing our template or creating your own design and send the job to the laser with the driver settings below.

Print settings:

Process mode Resolution Cut line
Standard 500 dpi none
Halftone Others




The small circles in the heart shape are a perforation which helps you to remove the heart post-rpocessing. The heart can be used for other purposes.

Step 2: Laser engraving the paper

Create the material parameter settings. We have used several parameters optimised for different requirements including fast and slow cutting, light and deep engraving and scratching. These parameters will vary depending on your laser machine and its available laser power.

Laser parameters:

Colour Process Power (%) Speed (%) ppi/Hz
black Engrave CO2 17 20 500
red Engrave CO2 25 20 500
blue Cut CO2 12 1 1000
cyan Cut CO2 5 1 1000
green Cut CO2 24 2 1000
Passes Air Assist Z-OFfset Advanced
1 on +3 mm High quality
1 on - High quality
1 on - -
1 on +4 mm -
1 on - -




For maximum extraction cover the rest of the engraving area carefully with paper. This holds the paper in place.

Step 3: Post-processing

Any dust produced can be removed using a damp cloth if necessary. Please make sure that the cloth is not wet to avoid arching of the paper.


  • Different colours of Trotec's LaserPaper range can be combined to create a number of effects
  • LaserPaper Wood can be used as an altenative. Print it and cut it with your laser machine using the JobControl® Vision add on.

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