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As an innovation leader Trotec set new standards in the laser manufacturing industry. With over 30,000 laser machines installed worldwide, Trotec now serves customers in more than 90 countries. The goal: To make our customers profitable through our innovative products.

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Trotec Ruby. Laser Software re-defined.

Makes working with your laser simpler and faster. Digital to the core.

Trotec Ruby makes your daily work with the laser run seamlessly. With a simple and fast workflow from idea to product. A setup which is connected, web-based and digital to the core.

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Setting New Standards by... the laser software: Trotec Ruby

Makes working with your laser simpler and faster. Digital to the core.

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… providing the fastest laser engraving machines on the market

"Speedy” – created to improve our customers’ profitability. The fastest and most productive laser machines have been developed to increase production efficiency. 

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… developing flexx technology: 2 laser sources in one laser machine

Speedy flexx laser machines combine a CO2 laser and a fiber laser source in one laser machine, giving you the processing capabilities of two machines with the maintenance and costs of only one.

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… making lasers more user-friendly with automatic focusing

Correctly adjusting the focus requires users to establish the correct distance between the laser head and the material workpiece being processed. Accurate focusing is an important factor in getting the desired processing results. Our patented Sonar Technology™ makes focusing easier and more precise. 

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… raising the bar for quality: High performance and minimal wear

Our patented CeramiCore® laser source technology offers superior reliability, engraving quality and machine longevity.

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… providing extended functionality: CO₂ laser cutter for large-format materials

The SP series is ideal for processing large format  materials. With an innovative drive technology and durable mechanics make the SP3000 the perfect laser cutter for 24/7 production.

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… making workflow easy: JobControl® laser software

Our flexible and intuitive JobControl® laser software enables fast and straightforward management of laser jobs with maximum user comfort.

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… offering Print & Cut laser applications

The laser software package JobControl® Vision enables precise laser cutting of printed materials. Create incredible details and meet the tightest tolerances with JobControl® Vision.

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… providing user-friendly industrial galvo marking lasers

Early in development we recognised the advantages of fiber lasers and developed the most user-friendly labelling software on the market for them – the SpeedMark laser software.

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… developing paper finishing options: Added value for printed materials

Our GS laser machines are designed for precise, efficient laser cutting of high-volume pre-printed materials. Above all, the patent-pending “free-floating” laser cutting delivers the best cutting results for these materials. 

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… offering a unique single-source solution for engraving needs: engraving technology, exhaust systems and materials

Trotec is the only laser manufacturer on the market that is a genuine full-range provider, having introduced a game-changing concept: a single source for low-cost, high-quality engraving materials, industry-leading laser engraving equipment and technical applications support from experts with a knowledge of engraving technology and materials. In addition, we offer specially developed extraction systems for all laser machines. 

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The fastest laser engraving machines on the market: Speedy laser

“Speedy” – Laser machines created to make your business more profitable

The "Speedy" laser engraving machine has been a great benefit to many of our customers. The first Speedy was sold in 1999, with some of the very first machines still in operation today. The Speedy series is available with CO2, fiber or even both laser sources in one machine and in four different platform sizes to suit your business. With a processing speed of up to 4.3 m/s and 5 g of acceleration, Speedy lasers are the fastest and most productive laser engravers on the market, designed to help you increase production efficiency.

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"We make our customers successful!"
- Andreas Penz, Spokesman of Trotec’s management - Trotec Laser -

flexx technology: 2 laser sources in one laser

Twice the processing capabilities in one machine 

In 2005, we presented the Speedy flexx dual-source laser engraver with 2 laser sources in one machine:

  • CO2 laser source for engraving and cutting a variety of organic materials including wood, leather, glass or plastic
  • Fiber laser source with a wavelength of 1064 nanometers for engraving and marking metals and plastics

Time savings and flexxibility

One key feature of the patented flexx function is that the two laser sources can be activated alternately in one job depending on the material. This is done without manual changing of the laser tube, lens or focus. Every conceivable CO2 laser application, as well as a annealing marking or metal engraving can be realised in no time with this laser machine. Time savings and flexibility in everyday work are guaranteed. Today all Speedy laser engraver series are available with dual laser sources. 

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Automatic focusing for precise laser processing

Patented Sonar Technology™ for easy focusing

Setting new standards for ease of use – Sonar Technology™ is a unique and very efficient focusing method based on an ultrasound sensor on the laser head. When the two Z position buttons on the laser machine are pressed, the ultrasound sensor detects the surface of the workpiece, automatically detecting the focus point, and the working table moves to the correct focus position. Trotec has filed a patent for this innovative method.

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High performance and minimal wear

Reliable laser machines with a long service life

As our laser machines are built for many years of intensive use with only high-quality components from internationally renowned manufacturers used in production. Each part is selected for quality. Benefits:

  • Reliable operation
  • Low downtimes
  • Low maintenance and repair costs

Patented laser source technology CeramiCore®

Since 2012 Trotec laser machines have been equipped with laser sources by the American OEM manufacturer Iradion. The patented laser source technology CeramiCore® features superior reliability, engraving quality and longevity.

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"Each Trotec laser machine is subjected to a number of quality controls during production- for reliable laser machines with long service life."
- Quality Policy - Trotec Laser -

CO₂ laser cutter for large-format materials: SP Series

Large-format laser cutting with the SP Laser Cutters

Since 2001, we have been refining large-format laser cutting, beginning with the  the Professional TP1313 2001 with a work area of 1300 mm × 1300 mm. In 2009, the laser cutter was revised and became the SP1500, part of the SP series of laser cutters.

In 2015, the development of the SP3000 set new standards in large-format applications. An innovative drive technology and extremely durable mechanics make the SP3000 the perfect laser cutter for 24/7 production.

Today, the SP Series ranges from the SP500 with a work area of 1,245 mm × 710 mm to the SP3000 with a work area of 2,210 mm × 3,310 mm. These highly efficient flatbed laser machines are ideally suited for demanding laser cutting applications such as acrylic, paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, textiles and many more materials.

The SP laser cutters have already been honoured with renowned design prizes, including the iF Design Award or the German Design Award.

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JobControl® laser software: Intelligent and intuitive workflow

Predefined laser parameters for easy operation

We developed JobControl® laser software for our flatbed lasers so that our customers could create designs in the graphics program of their choice, and then send their designs to the laser using the Trotec printer driver. The materials database provides parameters for more than 50 materials, including Trotec's own engraving supplies - allowing users to simply select their materials have have them laser-engraved or laser-cut accordingly. The idea is to enable even inexperienced users to achieve perfect laser results.

Variety of features for best results

With the powerful JobControl® laser software we also help our customers to work more productively while working more profitably. This is made possible through a variety of useful features such as bidirectional communication, the JobTime Calculator, markers, vector sorting, job preview, and many others.

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Print & Cut applications: Precisely fitted laser finishing of printed materials

For many companies, especially printing service providers or in advertising technology, Print & Cut products truly guarantee added value. The JobControl® Vision laser software package enables precisely fitted laser cutting of printed materials.

For large-format machines, the use of registration mark detection systems was already state-of-the-art. The introduction of iCut 2008 laser software for the Speedy 300 was the first time such software and a micro-camera were used on smaller laser machines. As in many other areas, especially Print & Cut applications, we are aiming to provide the best solution for our customers, and with JobControl® Vision laser software we have launched our own patent-pending registration mark detection software.

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Galvo marking laser with user-friendly laser software SpeedMark

In the early 2000s we had already combined a fiber laser with a scanner. This was done at a time when “classic” Nd:YAG / Nd:YVO lasers were still widely used, while the popularity of fiber lasers was not as is now. Even then we recognised the unquestionable advantages of the fiber laser source for different applications. The laser software – even today is still the most user-friendly marking software on the market, while when it was introduced it was a trendsetter.

Easy laser control for every user

SpeedMark was the first and only laser software with a combination of flowchart programming and graphical user interface to allow laser control for any user, without the need for programming skills. Thanks to annual releases, SpeedMark laser software still keeps setting standards for the ease of use of laser software. Unique in the field of galvo lasers: A few years later, we enabled our customers to control even galvo fiber lasers with laser software that functions as a printer driver, as it is common for flatbed lasers such as the Speedy range. Thanks to DirectMark laser software, Trotec customers can work with their usual graphics programs and operate the galvo industrial laser just like a printer.

Galvo industrial marking laser SpeedMark laser software

Paper Converting: “Free-floating” laser cutting for best cutting results

Added value for printed materials

The GS1200 was developed for digital post-press finishing to secure the future of print service providers with new standards and technological leadership. Previously only printing was done digitally, now cutting is also possible, providing many benefits of digital printing. Print service providers can thus create new unique selling points in the highly competitive market and increase their profitability.

In addition to the super-pulsed CO₂ laser source, the patent-pending “free-floating” laser cutting solution, which is unique on the market and provides optimal cutting results, is especially noteworthy.

More about the GS1200 laser cutter

Stamp makers: Most productive CO₂ stamp lasers on the market

Our sister company Trodat is the global market leader in self-inking stamps. They had a vision of providing a better and more productive solution for creating stamps than the systems available on the market over 20 years ago were. The setting of this goal marks the birth of Trotec, which was founded in 1997 as an independent company.

Dust protection for cleanliness, quality and longevity

From the very beginning, we have taken into account the needs of the stamp makers in the development of our laser machines. Since stamp rubber engraving produces a lot of dust, the InPack Technology™ has been standard on all our flatbed lasers from the begining. All dust-sensitive components such as optics, mechanics and electronics are protected against dust, so that years of low-maintenance operation are guaranteed.

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From a single source: Laser machines, accessories and engraving material

We are a full-range provider for laser users

We have always seen ourselves as a full-range provider for laser users, with our first laser systems coming supplied with extraction systems. Since 2010, we have been the only manufacturer to offer specially developed exhaust systems specifically matching the laser machines.

A diverse range of laser and engraving materials complete Trotec’s large product portfolio. Under the motto “Everything from one source," we also offer suitable materials for laser users. We are the only laser manufacturer on the market that is a genuine full-range provider – we produce our consumables in-house. Trotec customers can order these laser and engraving materials easily and conveniently from our online webshop – worldwide. Choose from a range of laserable laminates, acrylics, woods and metals along with different engraving accessories. 

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For more information about our laser machines, engraving materials and the possible applications, get in touch with our expert team who will be happy to assist you with your enquiry. 

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