Technical Support

We help you solve your Trotec laser machine problems.

Service Hotline

Contact the Trotec service hotline where top qualified laser experts will assist you with any questions or problems. You can reach the Trotec hotline via phone from:

South Africa: +27-875-509-335
All other countries: Please see our Shopfinder

Service hotline e-mail:

System diagnoses via remote maintenance

In addition to the service hotline, we offer you fault diagnosis by a remote maintenance service. For this, a service technican will log into your PC via the Internet and will check the status of your laser software. Many problems can be solved in this manner in just a couple of minutes.

Instructions for remote maintenance:
1. Download the free remote maintenance software Teamviewer.
2. Inform our technical support about your ID and password. With this information our technicians are able to connect to your computer.

Spare parts service

We keep permanent stocks of the most important spare parts for our laser machines. This guarantees short delivery times. We procure rare or discontinued spare parts at short notice so that we can respond promptly if necessary. This also applies to our refurbished laser sources.

Contact details

South Africa: +27-875-509-335
All other countries: Please see our Shopfinder

Service hotline e-mail:

Trotec Academy - Laser training

At the Trotec Academy, we offer you trainings and seminars on the topics laser marking, laser cutting and laser engraving.

Contact our service hotline and ask about upcoming training dates:

Tel.: +27-11-262-1400

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