Technical Support

Contact our technical support team. We will assist you with any questions or problems.

Technical Support Hotline

The Trotec technical support hotline has qualified laser experts ready and waiting to assist you with any questions or queries you may encounter. This includes troubleshooting your laser machine if you’re unsure of the problem. You can reach the Trotec technical support team via:

T: +61-3-6144-6176

System Diagnoses via Remote Maintenance

Fault diagnosis can be performed by a remote maintenance service. To achieve this, the Trotec service technician is given access to your computer via the internet, using a program called ‘TeamViewer’. They will then check the status of your laser software and ensure there are no obvious issues with your connection to the laser machine. This is performed in a mere few minutes, saving you lots of time and money.

All You’ll Need to Do:
1. Download the free remote maintenance software Teamviewer.
2. Inform the service technician of your ID and password. With this information, they will then be able to connect to your computer.

Spare Parts Service

Here at Trotec, we usually have the most important and expensive machine parts on hand for emergencies, as well as to keep our display machines in perfect condition. This means that if you’re ever in need of a critical spare part, we can guarantee a short delivery time. For all other parts, we can source them as quickly as possible, even on short notice.

This applies for refurbished laser sources too!

If you need to order spare parts, please contact:

T: +61-3-6144-6176

Trotec Academy - Laser Training

The Trotec Academy offers a range of different training options and seminars to help you with laser marking, cutting and engraving. You can easily improve your technique and applications knowledge this way!

Contact our service hotline to enquire about upcoming training dates:

Tel.: +61-3-6144-6176 

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