CO₂ laser for Processing of Organic Materials

Fast and efficient marking of textile, leather, wood, paper, cardboard and acrylics.

Efficient marking of medium to large batches

A SpeedMarker laser marking system with a CO2 laser source guarantees fast marking of all organic materials, not just wood based products. Individual designs and logos can be engraved quickly and by using a jig multiple items can be processed in a single pass. This feature is particularly beneficial for the laser marking of promotional materials. 

Create automated workflows with ease

SpeedMarker laser systems offer high productivity  when laser marking in large quantities. With the help of SpeedMarker laser software automated sequences can be easily created. An example of this is name lists which can be read in from text files and the automatically processed. This also applies to other applications such as barcoding. 

High quality laser markings

Thanks to high-quality optics, a permanently consistent laser marking quality is guaranteed. This means that value is added to products via a high quality marking. A high focus tolerance offers enormous advantages when working with products that are not 100% plane on the surface. Two SpeedMarker models are available with a CO2 laser source, the SpeedMarker 700 class 2 workstation and the class 4 SpeedMarker 50 for flexible material processing. 

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