CO₂ for Processing of Organic Materials

Fast and efficient marking of textile, leather, wood, paper, cardboard and acrylics.

Laser marking of organic materials

Efficient marking of medium to large batches

The SpeedMarker laser series ensures a fast processing time when marking on organic materials because of the use of the CO2 laser. The most common use for COlasers is the finishing of wood and wood-based materials due to the impecable processing. One of the benefits of COlasers is that materials can be marked and/or engraved extremely quickly. This is done by making use of templates, making it possible for multiple items to be marked in one pass. This is a great benefit when marking promotional items.

Easily create automated workflows

To take advantage of the maximum productivity features of the SpeedMarker series, marking large quantities of items is encouraged. What makes the SpeedMarker software particularly impressive, is the simplicity of creating your own automated sequence when marking. For example, a list of names can be imported from various text files and automatically processed. The same principles apply when marking items with barcodes, serial numbers, data matrix's etc.

High quality markings

High quality, permanent marking is guarenteed, thanks to the exceptional quality of the optics used in the SpeedMarker range. These types of presicion markings will also enhance your business offerings, as it gives products individual markings. A high focus tolerance offers enormous advantages when working with products that are not 100% plane on the surface. The SpeedMarker with CO2 laser source is available in the SpeedMarker 700 version, as a workstation of laser class 2 and SpeedMarker 50 for flexible use of laser class 4.

SpeedMarker series
Industrial marking of individual components as well as large batches.

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