Engraving glasses, bottles and mugs

Wine glasses, etched tumblers or bottles with a high-quality personalisation create added value for engravers and manufacturers of gift items or advertising material.

Personalized bottles
Laser marking of names, slogans or logos.

Why laser engraving bottles and glasses is profitable.

A logo, a name or a quote – simple and personalised laser engravings on glasses, cups or bottles turn simple everyday objects into something special.

Individual requests can be realised quickly, easily and inexpensively using a laser machine. Whether it’s individual pieces, small or large batches. The sales price of a personalised product can be 5 to 10 times higher compared to the sales price of a standard product without personalisation.

What does it take to get started with personalisation using a laser engraver? 
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Why engraving glasses, bottles and cups with a Trotec laser engraver makes sense. A comparison of technologies.

What can be done.

Which laser is needed for laser engraving bottles and cups?

Speedy series laser engravers and cutters offer a real competitive advantage: They create significant added value for products made of wood, plastic or glass. Discover the speed, intelligent functions and the innovative technical design.

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Bottle laser engraver

What our customers say.

“From the beginning, we were impressed by Trotec. The proximity to the Trotec office, the first-class range of services and the quality of the laser machine were decisive factors. Our customised engraved items are only sent to our customers when we’re completely satisfied with the end result. Anything that doesn’t fit is adapted!”

Brigitte Hollinetz

Laser Operator and Order Processing

"The after sales support we received from Trotec and our area manager has been fantastic. Once the machine was installed they spent a full day with us providing training on the laser and software to make sure we were able to hit the ground running."

Jake Taylor

CNC and laser operative

“At Trotec Laser I’ve found machines with high performance and precision, as well as extensive technical service. From installation to advice and the answers that the technicians give us in every situation!”

Federica Sabini

Owner of Incisioni Ravenna


Can you laser engrave a photo on glasses?


How much does a laser engraving machine cost?


How do you laser engrave a water bottle?


Can you laser engrave ceramic cups?


What does it take to be successful with personalisation? 
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