lasercut pendant

Laser Made Jewellery
Necklace with Laser Cut Pendant

Create a jewellery pendant as individual as the wearer

This pendant is made from 13 laser cut and engraved pieces. The accuracy of the cutting gaps guarantees a firm hold without glue and the engraving elements allow for the creation of countless designs.


Required material

  • TroLase Reverse gloss/gold 1.6mm
  • waxed cord or a ribbon

Trotec laser used

  • Speedy 360
  • 60 watts
  • 1.5 inch lens


  • Use a honeycomb cutting table or an acrylic cutting grid table to avoid back reflections

Step by Step

Step 1: Design

Open the PDF template and send the design to the laser or create your own design and add a personal touch to the pendant.

Do you want to use a different material?

Note that the cutting gap has been optimised for TroLase Reverse 1.6mm. When using other materials it may be necessary to adapt the parameters and geometries.

Step 2: Laser Parameters

We used a Speedy 360 (60 watts power) laser machine to cut and engrave the material. We've sent the graphics with 600 dpi to the laser and used the following parameters:

Engraving: Power: 100% - Speed: 60% - Frequency: 1000 ppi - Air Assist: Ein - Z-Offset: 2.5mm
Cutting: Power: 50% - Speed: 0.6% - Frequency: 2000 Hz - Air Asisst: On

Additionally we activated the optimised geometries-function to achieve an even higher quality finish.

Step 3: Cleaning and Assembling


To cut the stand, you can also use our template.

It may be necessary to clean the pieces and remove dust with a soft cloth. Then, simply assemble the pieces. There is no glue needed, the pieces fit together perfectly.

Step 4: Attach the ribbon

To assemble the piece of jewellery, take the small disk with the hole, pull the ribbon through and fix it with a knot. Cut the overhanging ends with scissors short. In the pictures below we have omitted the ribbon, so you can see the assembly better.

Step 5: First side part

Insert the smallest disk onto the connector piece.

Step 6: Insert discs

Attach all other disks to the connector part, paying particular attention to the order.

Step 7: Other side parts

As a final step, put the side panels around and the necklace is ready to use.

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