Business ideas for autumn

published on 12. August 2022

Laser cut puzzles and laser engraved wooden decorations for autumn days.

As temperatures drop and nights get longer, customers begin to move their activities. Games and puzzles are built and living rooms are decorated. We've gathered inspiration and tips on how you can use your laser engraver to offer the right products for customers during the cold autumn months. Take advantage of the flexibility of your laser cutter, expand your portfolio and address your customers seasonally!

Laser cut puzzle: Print & cut MDF

Use your laser engraver to create unique puzzles, like this printed MDF puzzle. Check out our laser tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Click here for the template

Inspiration: Laser engraving and laser cutting wood.

Wood is a very popular material, with its warm appearance offering a pleasant and high-quality feel. Wood is perfect for both laser cutting and laser engraving, discover the possibilities for personalising a wide variety of wooden products.

Laser engrave wood

Tips and tricks for woodworking with the laser.

Solid wood, plywood, MDF, balsa and veneered wood panels are suitable for laser engraving and laser cutting. Each type of wood holds its own special features for processing, and we have collected tips and tricks for you on how to achieve the best results.

Read tips and tricks for woodworking

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