Origin Designed see Speedy business growth with Trotec.

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Origin Designed Ltd is a Northumberland based laser processing company founded by Jo Tompkins and Toby Fletcher as a sister company to their main business, Origin Jewellery Ltd.

Alongside Jo and Toby, Origin employ five staff who use laser technology to create a wide range of products which are produced in commercial quantities. These products include signage, memorial plaques and personalised gifts which are available to order from their online store as well as other online vendors.

Supply and demand.

As Origin Jewellery Ltd, Jo and Toby were searching for a way to efficiently source packaging for their products. With no way of producing the packaging in house, they were reliant on third party suppliers. This frequently led to logistical issues, particularly when coordinating the availability of stock and packaging inventory.

The duo realised that bringing the process in house would be a more effective solution. They began researching technology which would allow them to effectively manufacture packaging solutions. During the research process, laser technology seemed to tick many boxes and Trotec appeared to be highly recommended among suppliers.  

A new business venture.

Following the installation of Origin's first Speedy 300 in 2017, the business has gone from strength to strength. As soon as the laser was installed, Toby and Jo realised that they could explore other business opportunities, with Origin Designed being founded as a result. As of 2018, the business operates two Speedy 300 lasers in tandem producing their products and packaging, working profitably for both companies.  

Out of the many advantages offered by Trotec laser machines, Toby and Jo cite speed and reliability as the key factors in their decision to choose Trotec laser as their supplier of choice, alongside the excellent customer service received. The capabilities of the lasers have enabled business growth as well as a more streamlined production process with packaging production now being completed in house.

Throughout their journey, Toby and Jo have felt fully supported by Trotec. Initially not knowing which machine was the best fit for their application, Trotec's area manager helped the pair at every stage, offering advice and helping them to select the optimum laser cutting and engraving machine. The post-sale experience has also been highly positive, with installation and after-sale care being praised. In addition to using multiple Trotec laser machines, Origin is also a customer of Trotec's range of engraving materials.

While we use a number of suppliers for sheet materials, the most consistent in terms of quality and stock availability is Trotec. Stock is delivered next-day according to our specifications which includes cutting sheets to size, meaning there are no production delays.

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