Technical Support Hotline

The Trotec technical support hotline has qualified laser experts ready and willing to assist you with any questions or problems you may encounter including troubleshooting for your laser. You can reach the Trotec technical support team via:

T: +61-2-6413-5904

System diagnoses via remote maintenance

In addition to the technical support hotline, fault diagnosis can be performed by a remote maintenance service. To do this, the Trotec service technican will gain access to your computer via the internet, using a program called Teamviewer, and will then check the status of your laser software. Not only can this be performed within minutes, it can also save you time and money.

Instructions for remote maintenance:
1. Download the free remote maintenance software Teamviewer.
2. Inform our technical support staff member about your ID and password. With this information our technicians are able to connect to your computer.

Spare parts service

We always keep the most important spare parts for our laser machine in stock. This means you have the gurantee of short delivery times and we have the ability to source all other spare parts at short notice if you require support. This also applies to refurbished laser sources. 

For ordering spare parts, contact:

T: +61-2-6413-5904

Trotec Academy - Laser training

The Trotec Academy offers a range of trainings and seminars on laser marking, engraving and cutting, all designed to help improve your technique and applications.

Contact our service hotline to enquire about upcoming training dates:

Tel.: +61-2-6413-5904 

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