Flexx Technology: CO₂ & Fiber Laser in one Machine

Maximum flexibility

The flexx function is the centrepiece of the Speedy flexx range of lasers. With it, CO₂ and fiber laser can be alternately activated in only one laser machine, with a simple click of the mouse. You can mark and engrave virtually any material, from plastics  wood through to glass or metal, and even workpieces with 'mixed 'materials, in a single process! For the first time, a CO₂ and fiber laser source have been integrated in a Speedy laser machine.

Two laser sources, one job

Use both laser sources in a single job without having to change the laser tube, the lenses or the focus manually. To achieve this, the Speedy range of flexx lasers (available from 100 to 400) use the patented JobControl laser software. Simply assign the desired laser source to each colour. Thanks to the unique 'flexx function', wood, plastics, metal, glass and leather can be processed in only one step. Choose the colour and the laser source and get started!

Every Speedy model from the Speedy 100 to Speedy 400 is 'ready for flexx' - helping you be prepared for the future and meet your evolving business needs. Upgrade whenever you want.