Festive inspiration webinar - What can you create with your laser cutter?

Christmas is less than 3 months away, and many customers are already bolstering their product ranges with striking new laser cut creations. From simple decorations to detailed centrepieces and beyond, laser cutting is the perfect tool for creating a wide range of different products to adorn the shelves. If you missed our recent inspiration live stream, make sure to catch it below, and for more information about Trotec's extensive range of laser cutting and laser engraving materials, visit our webshop.

Festive product inspiration livestream

On September 30th our laser machine experts Jamie and Craig showcased a wide range of different Christmas applications all created using Trotec laser machines. The broadcast included both pre-recorded application videos of the lasers in action alongside additional application examples, and even software tips, featuring Ruby® laser software.

During the video you can see a range of different Trotec laser cutters in action, including our new entry level laser cutter alongside the Speedy 100 and 300 flexx laser engraving solutions. 

If you've been thinking of creating other products with your laser cutter, visit our DIY sample zone for more inspiration.

Laser cutting applications

Featured laser engraving materials

If you've never tried Trotec materials and are looking to try some for yourself, you can find a wide range of different products on our webshop. Almost all of the materials featured in our festive live stream are available there, so for more information, read on:

  • Paper Garland: LaserPaper Colours
  • Stamp: Engravable wood Veneer and Laser rubber
  • Gift tags: LaserLeather
  • Placemat: LaserCork
  • Laser acrylic Bauble: TroGlass Satins and TroGlitter
  • Bauble: TroLase Lights engraving laminate and TroCraft Eco
  • Laser Acrylic Coffee dusters - TroGlass Colour Gloss
  • Personalised engraving metal mug

Visit engraving-supplies.co.uk

Laser cutting 8mm TroGlass Mirror

Laser tips and tricks

Need help with material processing? Our tips and tricks section has a range of useful pages which offer tips and tricks for laser engraving and cutting everything from paper to textiles and beyond. 

Find out more and see for yourself how you can improve your laser processing capabilities. 

Laser tips and tricks

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