MDF laser cut puzzle


Used material:
  • 3MM printed MDF
Laser machine used:
  • Speedy 400 laser engraving machine
  • 120 watts
  • 2" lens
  • Vision camera
  • Aluminium Cutting Grid Table or Honeycomb Cutting Tabletop
Tip: To create the puzzle pieces we used a free online generator. Numerous providers are available on the internet. Any Speedy laser engraver larger than a 300 with Trotec Vision can be used to create this sample
MDF Puzzle Template


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Step by step

Step 1


Begin by importing the template and adapting it to your requirements. You cna easily swap our pictures for your own or customer images, then print the design directly onto the MDF with a UV printer. 

With "Create job" move the design to the "Prepare" screen. 

Step 2

Laser cutting

Place the job to the desired position and adapt the settings. Activate the Vision functionality by clicking the Print&Cut symbol. Regmarks will automatically be detected and the effect "Print&Cut" will be added to the parameter. Choose your desired compensation method and send the job to the "Queue" for Laser cutting.

Depending on your laser machine and the laser power available, the laser parameters may differ. It is worth noting that the printing process used can also impact the laser parameters. 

Tip: Apply application tape to reduce the traces of smoke from the print. Leave out the registration marks, so that the camera system can "read" them.

Laser parameters

Effect Cut quality
Process Cut
Layers red
Power (%) 100
Speed (%) 1
Hz 1000
Source CO2
Air Assist Gas 1
Z-offset -
Passes 1
Power Correction 7
Path Planning Standard
Step 3

Post processing

Take out the finished puzzle, using application tape to hold all the pieces together.

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