Lasercut and engraved
Cardboard Chair

cardboard furniture laser cutting


Materials required
  • 2 pieces of 2mm corrugated cardboard
Trotec laser machine used
Cardboard Chair


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Step by step

Laser cut cardboard chair
Step 1

Step 1: Preparation

Use the vacuum table with the honeycomb tabletop for laser cutting and engraving the cardboard.

lasercut chair
Step 2

Step 2: Development

Print the first page of the PDF document (the engraving layout) in size of 610 x 300mm. Adjust the marker to the job and engrave it.
After the laser engraving to turn around the cardboard horizontally and cut the material (the cutting file is on the second page of the PDF document).
Then place the second cardboard sheet for laser cutting the cross-brace elements onto the laser bed. These are on the third page of the PDF document.

cardboard furniture laser cutting
Step 3

Step 3: Used Laser Settings

The next step is to import the PDF file into Corel Draw. It can be customised as you like or you can create your own design and send it to the laser.

Laser Settings

Front of the first cardboard
Engraving: Power: 40% - Speed: 100% - Frequency: 500 ppi - Air Assist: OFF - Z-Offset: 6mm
Back of the first cardboard
Cutting-in: Power: 7% - Speed: 3% - Frequency: 1000 Hz - Air Assist: OFF - Z-Offset: 6mm
Cutting: Power: 10% - Speed: 1% - Frequency: 1000 Hz - Air Assist: ON
Second cardboard
Cutting: Power: 20% - Speed: 1% - Frequency: 1000 Hz - Air Assist: ON

assembly chair
Step 4

Step 4: Assembly

Follow the installation instructions for assembly.

cardboard chair laser cut
Step 5

Step 5: Use

Your cardboard chair is now ready for use in anyway you want.
Why not make it on a larger scale so that you can sit on it yourself - it is that stable.
Visit to discover a range of creative furniture made from cardboard.

Step 6


Use the vacuum table with the honeycumb tabletop when laser cutting and engraving the cardboard. The cardboard must be engraved on the front and cut on the back.

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